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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bubble T Bath and Body

The Bubble T bath and body range is something I saw in Superdrug a while back. I opened the cap of the shower gel to smell the scent because a Summer fruits tea scent sounded intriguing! I thought at the time that it literally smelled like a really juicy, yummy Summer drink but didn't buy anything from the range because in all honesty, I just didn't need anything. I had them in the back of mind though because the scent is just amazing!

Fast forward a couple of months and I was browsing the website when I noticed that they had an online only offer were you could get the three products you see above for £6 (ordinarily £12.99 for all three). I decided to try them out and there was actually no point in buying just the one item because 1 of the items is £6 on its own.

The bath fizzies are like mini bath bombs. Personally, I use two in a bath to get a stronger scent but you could just use one if you prefer. There are 10 in a pack and they are £6 here.

The bath and shower jelly is really quite a strange sort of product. It literally is like a jelly that you have to scoop out a bit of to use it. Oddly, it slowly levels itself out again once you have disturbed the surface. It's sort of fun! My preferred way to use it is to scoop a bit out and hold it under a running tap to use it as a bubble bath.The bath and shower jelly is £4 here.

The body spray is something I can see myself carrying round in my bag in the warmer months because it is in a plastic bottle and isn't too big (100ml) and the scent is so refreshing! I'm not generally one for body sprays, preferring to wear perfume, but I could imagine it being so lovely to freshen up with in hot and sticky weather. It would therefore be great for taking on holiday if you don't want to wear a heavy scent. It's also a bargainous £2.99 here.

You can find the full Bubble T range here and the £6 bundle with the 3 products is still currently available. Have you tried anything from the brand? What do you think?

Em x