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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Review: Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette

As soon as I saw pictures of the Zoeva Spectrum collection palettes, I knew I wanted the entire collection haha. I limited myself to choosing one palette, however, and I chose the Nude Spectrum eye palette based on the fact I thought I would get most use from the most neutral of the bunch. Back in October, I picked up their Cocoa Blend palette, which quickly became one of my favourite palettes ever (and that is saying a lot because I've tried loads of them!). You can see my review of that one here.

I think this palette is stunning, even down to the classy looking packaging. What I will say, however, is the only draw back is the rubberised finish (think along the lines of NARS products if you've ever used them). I can already tell that this is going to get very grubby with make up and finger prints because it marks so easily.

Onto the contents, however, and everything about it is just fabulous. There is a good range of shimmers and mattes in different neutral/ gold/ brown tones from very light to very dark. You can definitely get lots of different complete eye looks from the palette. The shadows are well pigmented and great to work with. The quality is definitely comparible to higher end brands.There is just one minor thing I think they could improve on as far as the shades go and that is to give each one a proper name rather than just a number.

As far as the price goes, this palette costs £28.50 from Beauty Bay here. I must admit that when they released and I found out how much it was, I thought it was a little steep compared to their other palettes. In the cocoa blend palette, I got 10 shades for £15.50, making the shadows £1.50 each. In the Nude Spectrum Palette, there are 15 shades so at £28.50, that makes them £1.90 each. Why the hiked up price, Zoeva? I do, however, think that when you compare it to other brands and consider the quality of the palette, it is still worth £28.50. The spectrum palettes are just not quite as bargainous as all of their palettes. However, I love this one so much overall that I'm tempted to buy the warm palette too, even if I do have more palettes than I need already!

Have you tried anything from Zoeva's Spectrum collection?

Em x