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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Make Up Products I'd Like To Try In 2016!

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I often have a mental wishlist of products I'd like to try that's as long as my arm, but then the realities of one person only needing so many things for one face and my funds not being unlimited kick in haha. There are, however, a few things/ brands that I really want to try in 2016 and I thought I'd share my wishlist..

1) Makeup Geek Eye Shadows. I've heard so many good things about them and they seem to have a really nice range of warm neutral matte crease/ transition shades which I love. I also like the idea of making up my own palette and these would be perfect for popping into one of my z palettes. They have recently become available via Beauty Bay here from £4.95.

2) Gerrard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipstick is a liquid lipstick that is supposed to be matte and long lasting without drying your lips out. This is another thing I've seen great reviews of and the shade 'Serenity' looks right up my street from swatches online. Again these are available via Beauty Bay, find them for £9.50 here.

3) The third and final product available via Beauty Bay (can you tell I like browsing that site?! haha) is the Zoeva brushes. I bought one of their eye shadow palettes this year and it's just gorgeous, budget friendly and I have got a lot of use from it so it was definitely a good purchase. I've heard rave reviews about their brushes and they're not too expensive so I'd love to try something from their range. The rose golden ones in particular look super pretty! You can find a range of sets and single brushes here.

4) Kiko. I have a few Kiko products that I picked up during a couple of different trips to London but I'd like to try out more from their range. Most things are quite budget friendly and everything I've tried so far has been great quality. I particularly like the look of their eye shadow sticks, which are rumoured to be a dupe of the much more expensive By Terry ones. I would LOVE Kiko to open a store nearer to me up North, but if not I can feel an online order coming on (find their website here). Unusually, they have a minimum order value of £25 on their website but I could easily reach this.

5) Make Up Forever became more easily available in the UK a little while back, when Debenhams began stocking it online here. It's a brand I have been meaning to try for the longest time but wanting to just try one or two things to dip my toe in the water so to speak, I could never decide what to choose! If you have any recomendations of products to start out with, please let me know!

6) Another brand that I've yet to try and would love to is Charlotte Tilbury. It is an expensive brand so it's certainly not something I go buying a lot of all the time but I feel like it's the kind of brand that would make a nice treat, whether that be for someone else or yourself. I have my eye on the eye shadow quads in particular. Find the brand via Selfridges here.

Are there any products you have your eye on to try in 2016?

Em x