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Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Cutest Blush!

I have been after one of these Too Faced 'Love Flush' blushes for a while now because they just look so amazingly pretty. The outer packaging is just gorgeous and the actual compact reminds me of a Polly Pocket (anyone remember those?). Then you open it to find the beautiful embossing on the blush's almost too pretty to use! Just look at those little bunnies and flowers, it's a shame to spoil them really!

I chose the shade 'Love Hangover' which is a pretty peachy pink shade with a slight glow to it. It's not matte but it's not full of over the top sparkle either (see swatch below). The finish is flattering on the skin and I think this shade is perfect for everyday wear on my fair skin tone.

The blush is nice to work with-nice and soft and pigmented without being too powdery or overly pigmented. Personally, I like a medium level of pigmentation in blush because too much and you have to be super careful using it, which in the morning rush isn't always ideal.

Too Faced claim that the blush lasts 16 hours which is a pretty tall order if you ask me. Most days when I'm working I need my make up to last around 9-10 hours and it certainly lasts for that long. If I am going somewhere in the evening and not re-doing my make up entirely, I would touch up after work and top up my blush. After around 11-12 hours, the blush is still there but has faded slightly.

The only drawback of these blushes is the cost. The full price is £25 which personally I think is a lot for a blush. I think other than this, the most expensive blushes I own are my Illamasqua ones which come in at £22 full price (although I bought them on sale from ASOS so didn't pay that for them!). I picked up this Too Faced one while it had 20% off on the Debenhams website recently, making it £20, which is still pretty steep. Having said that, you really are getting something that looks beautiful rather than a bog standard blush.

Overall, I am really enjoying this blush and I would say that it's a lovely one if you want to treat yourself or it would make a lovely gift for a makeup junkie (Christmas is on its way!)

You can find it here via Debenhams or here via BeautyBay.

Have you tried the Too Faced Love Flush blushes?

Em x