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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Review and Swatches: Makeup Revolution Mono Eye Shadows

I ordered a few things from the Superdrug website recently and picked them up in my local store. I often do that if I'm going to buy things from there because my local store isn't always very well stocked so I go to buy something and they're sold out. Among my order were four more of the Makeup Revolution Mono Eye Shadows. I already had two in the shades 'Touch Me' (a very nicely pigmented matte ivory shade that is great as a matte brow bone highlight on fair skin) and 'Delicious' ( a cool toned matte brown). I really like both of them and in fact have used up two of the 'Touch Me' shade so I googled some swatches and chose four more.

At £1 each, these are such a bargain. All of them are nicely pigmented and easy to work with. They last just as well as any other eye shadow when worn over my usual eye shadow primer. It makes you wonder how companies like MAC can justify charging around the £10 mark (although I do love me a MAC eye shadow).

Top left to right: Touch Me, Base, Finally
Bottom left to right: Promised Lane, Pure, Delicious
The only slight downside is that they are quite 'dusty' in that when you put a brush in, it kicks up quite a bit of loose powder. However, I can get over that when I look at the price and the pigmentation. The packaging is very basic as well, but it's what is inside that counts, right?

The four shades I bought this time are 'Base' (a shimmery white-gold), Finally (a pale shimmery peachy shade), 'Promised Land' (shimmery rose gold) and 'Pure' (a matte medium brown). Promised Land reminds me a lot of MAC All That Glitters (a shade that I love and have just finished). My favourite look using these recently has been Promised Land on the lid, Pure in the crease, Touch Me as a matte highlight and either Base or Finally on the inner corner to make me look wide awake. 'Delicious' doubles up as a great brow shade for brunettes if you prefer a cooler toned shade.

Left to right: Touch Me, Base, Finally, Promised Land, Pure, Delicious
Just look at those swatches! Overall, I'm really enjoying these and am super impressed at the quality for such a bargainous price point. You can find them via Superdrug here or via the brand's website here.

What do you think? Have you tried the Makeup Revloution Mono Eye Shadows?

Em x