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Thursday, 29 October 2015

October 2015 Beauty Favourites

During October, I really enjoyed using Autumn inspired shades and you can definitely tell from the things I've used the most...

I rediscovered Benefit Hoola bronzer (£23.50 via Benefit stockists) this month. I was rummaging through my muji drawers one day looking for something else and thought 'oh yeah, I forgot I had that', which is probably pretty bad but for the last few months I've been distracted by Soap and Glory and L'oreal's offerings. The L'oreal one I've been using until recently really is pretty pigmented and I have to be careful with it even in the Summer. I feel like I need something a bit lighter/ less pigmented in the colder months and Hoola is the perfect option for fair skin. Not too dark and very brown rather than orange.

I finally got my hands on the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette (£15.50 via BeautyBay here) this month (read more about it here) and I have used it almost every day since it arrived. The shades are lovely for Autumn and it's also a very versatile palette-I've used it for everything from a very simple everyday eye makeup to a dramatic smokey eye. It's out of stock on the website at the moment but BeautyBay is the only place to get it unless you want to pay for international shipping on the Zoeva site. I'd recommend just checking BeautyBay every now and then if you want to buy it because it does seem to go in and out of stock.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation (£22 via the MAC website here or other MAC stockists) has been carried around in my handbag all month. I originally bought it to use as an all over powder foundation but I have since come to realise that I am just not a fan of the finish pressed powder foundations, even on my combo-oily skin. It has been great, however, for my handbag because with having a bit more coverage than your average powder, if I start to lose coverage towards the end of the day (which tends to happen on my oily nose/ chin if I'm out for a long day), I can use a blotting sheet then use this to top up on coverage. It blends well into whatever make up I'm already wearing.

Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes in 'Seductive Pink' and 'Gorgeous Berries' (£6.99/ 3 for 2 via Superdrug herehave been my two most used blushes this month. 'Gorgeous Berries' is a gorgeous shade for Autumn and would be great on fair and deeper skin tones alike. I apply it with a duo fibre brush for a light application (read more here). Seductive pink has been very well used since I bought it and I actually just finished my first one and repurchased it, so that's why the one pictured looks so new. I must say that it's a long time since I've used up a whole blush as I have quite a lot of blushes to choose from, so that shows you how much I love this one. I have enjoyed wearing this shade when I go for something a bit darker on my eyes or when I'm getting ready quickly for work. It's an easy 'slap on and go' sort of blush because the formula of these almost blends itself.

I have gone back to using my Revlon Lip Butter in 'Berry Smoothie' (£7.99/ 3 for 2 via Superdrug here). This was one of my favourite Autumn lip shades last year as well and there is now just a little stump left (it is wound all the way up in the photo). It is an easy to wear berry shade if you don't want to go for something too dramatic. The formula is moisturising and glossy but I like to apply it then pat it into my lips with my finger so it's more of a satin finish than super shiny.

I've been enjoying Paco Rabanne Lady Million this month (the best deal I can find online at the moment is 30ml for £32.95 via here). I tend to wear fruity or fruity-floral perfumes in the Spring and Summer but I like something a little stronger/ heavier as the weather gets a little chillier. This one is quite sweet but has patchouli in it, making it a bit heavier than my Summer scents. It lasts very well on my skin and I seem to received compliments whenever I wear it.

What were your favourite beauty products this month?

Em x