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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

L'Occitane Magazine Freebies

I picked up not one but two copies of Marie Claire magazine yesterday because they have L'Occitane hand creams (which I just love) free with the November issue. I've tried a few of their scents in the past and they all not only smell lovely but are nicely moisturising without being too heavy to use during the day. I have a few hand creams so it's hard to justify the full price of them (£8 for the small 30ml size). However, the magazine is only £3.99 so it's like getting a half price hand cream with a free magazine as a bonus! I bought my 2 copies in Tesco where you can actually buy 2 seleted magazines for £6 so I grabbed the last two copies.

The first hand cream is the 'Vervaine' cooling hand cream gel which has a gorgeous zingly lemon scent. I just love anything with a lemon/ lime fragrance, I think citrus is so refreshing (hence my slight addiction to the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush line haha). The gel cream texture is ideal for using during the day because it sinks in super quickly while still adding some moisture.

The second is 'Vanilla Bouquet', which as you would expect, smells of vanilla mixed with a floral scent. This one contains 20% shea butter  and feels more moisturising so is ideal for the colder weather when my hands tend to get a bit more dry.

Both are 30ml in size and ideal for popping into your handbag or a coat pocket. I thought they were worth mentioning in case anyone reading hadn't spotted them-definitely worth picking up the magazine for!

Have you tried L'Occitane hand creams?

Em x