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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bargainous Stila and Too Faced Goodies

I popped into TK Maxx last week and had a rummage around their beauty section. I love to go in there from time to time but it tends to be very hit or miss. Sometimes there is nothing interesting at all and other times I find all manor of bargains! This time, I actually had to hold myself back or I would have ended up spending a fortune! There were lots of higher end make up items for 'drugstore' prices, or in some cases even cheaper than the drugstore equivalent would be. Other than the things I bought, they had the Too Faced Bonjour Soleil bronzing palette (which I believe was a Summer limited edition), the Too Faced Colour Bomb lip balms, various Stila bits and a lot of Illamasqua nail polishes, lip glosses and a few blushes. I was really tempted by the nail polishes but I have a lot of nail polishes already so decided to give them a miss in the end. It was a shame that none of the blushes were in shades to suit my skin tone (they were all super dark) because I love Illamasqua blushes in particular! Everything was at vastly reduced prices. Anyway...this is what I ended up coming away with...

I picked up the Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation Powder in the shade 'Vanilla Creme', which is a very close match shade wise to MAC's Studio Fix Powder in NC15 (see photo below). It was a steal at £6.99 when the full retail price is £24 (find it here via Beauty Bay). I've been enjoying the MAC one lately, not to use as a powder foundation (I don't really like the finish of them even on my combo-oily skin) but if I feel like I need a little extra coverage on particular areas of my face (particularly good if you're trying to cover a very angry spot) or for touching up later on in the day if any of my foundation begins to disappear. I've just hit pan on my MAC one so I'm hoping this will be a good replacement at a fraction of the price.

Left to right: MAC Studio Fix NC15, Too Faced Amazing Face Vanilla Creme
Next is the Stila Smudge Crayon in the shade 'Pink Violet', which is a darker plum shade with some brown in it, with a brighter purple shimmer. They call it a 'waterproof eye primer + shadow + liner', but I imagine I will use it mostly as an eye shadow base to layer powder shadows on top of. These are curently on the Stila website here for £7, down from £14, but mine was just £2.99!

I bought two of the Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliners for £2.99 each (full price £13 here). I already know I love the formula of these and I already own a few shades. They are super smooth and highly pigmented and give you some time to smudge them out before setting to a long lasting finish.  I picked up shades 'Blue Ribbon' (which is actually more of a charcoal grey with a slight shimmer) and 'Peacock', which is just that, the perfect peacock turquoise shade.

Left to right: Smudge Crayon 'Pink Violet'; Smudge Stick 'Peacock', Smudge Stick 'Blue Ribbon', Colour Balm Lipstick 'Avary'
Lastly is a Stila Colour Balm lipstick, which I hadn't tried before, but judging by the description on the box, it seemed to be the one of the more sheer, moisturising lipstick formulas that I often like to wear for everyday, work etc because they are lower maintenance and usually wear off nicely instead of it being glaringly obvious. I got mine in the shade 'Avery', which is a coral/ peach type shade that I feel I'll probably get the most use out of come Spring/ Summer. These contain peppermint oil so have a minty scent. You find them here for the full price of £16 but mine was only £3.99!

Have you come across any beauty bargains at TK Maxx or anywhere else lately?

Em x