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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

7 Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

I don't know about you but I like doing a bit of online shopping every now and then. I also don't like to pay the full price for something if I can save some money...better in my pocket, right? Here are my top tips for saving money when shopping online that I've picked up along the way...

1. Google the product name. If I want to buy a specific product, I google it and see which website is offering it cheapest (including delivery)....speaking of which...

2. Where possible, shop on websites that have free shipping. Paying for delivery really bugs me because it feels like wasted money, so I like to use websites where the delivery is either free or free over the amount I'm going to be spending, etc. However, if another website has an item substantially cheaper but with a small delivery charge, it may still be cheaper overall so do the maths.

3. Google for discount codes. This might sound obvious but I've mentioned it to people in person who haven't thought of it so I thought I would include it. If I was going to buy something from Feel Unique, for example, I would google 'Feel Unique Discount Code September 2015' (or whichever month/ year it happens to be). It's surprising how much you can sometimes save by spending a minute or two doing this.

4. Log into a website and leave items in your cart. Retailers don't like it when you add things to your basket but don't complete the purchase. Sometimes if you leave it uncompleted, they will email you with an offer that they weren't disclosing on their website to try to entice you into buying. So use it to your advantage! Keep in mind that this won't work unless you are logged in because they obviously have to know who you are to be able to send the email.

5. Use cashback sites where you can. By joining a site like TopCashback or Quidco, you can go onto their website and click through to a website via them. You can get a percentage of your purchase back into your cashback account, which adds up over time if you are someone who shops online a lot.

6. Keep an eye on Amazon prices. You would not believe the number of times I have seen something I wanted to buy, added it to my wishlist and then a couple of days later the price has fallen dramatically. The prices seem to fluctuate almost daily so by the same token, they can also increase. It's a case of thinking about when to make your move!

7. Use more than one email address. Often websites will offer a discount for new customers only. If you have more than one email address, which a lot of us do these days (me included), just enter your details as a new customer using your other email to get the discount.

Do you have any other tips you like to use to save money on your online shopping?

Em x