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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Edinburgh Part 2: A Day at Edinburgh Zoo

On the second day of our trip to Edinburgh, we visited the zoo. It was easy to get to by public transport because there is a bus stop literally opposite, where 3 buses that come from the city centre stop.

I love to support well maintained zoos who look after their animals well. In an ideal world, we shouldn't really have to protect species by breeding in captivity but those who destroy their habitats and hunt them in the wild make it a necessary evil if we don't want them to disappear. The more reputable zoos do a lot of good conservation work.

Anyway...I've wanted to visit Edinburgh zoo for a while, ever since my friend went there and saw the only pandas in the UK. We booked online in order to book a time slot to see the pandas. It doesn't cost any more to see them, but numbers are limited at any one time because they are sensitive creatures and the zoo respect this and want to limit noise and disruption. You can turn up on the day and hope there are some places left but on the day we went, there was a sign up saying they were only allowing those who had pre booked to see them as they were restricting numbers further due to a possible pregnancy. It's actually a very special thing for that to happen because according to the information we read in the zoo, female pandas are only fertile for 2 days per year-so you can imagine that panda babies are a pretty rare occurrence. We therefore only saw one of the pandas (I assume the female one was out of view for this reason). He was lying down, almost asleep when we saw him and he was so cute. I'm sure it's not the case but he just looked like a big teddy bear you could have a cuddle with haha. We couldn't go home without a little panda souvenir from the gift shop.

Edinburgh zoo is also home to the UK's only koalas. Unfortunately, the top photo is a little blurry due to the speed of the koala! I didn't have chance to switch my camera onto the right settings for moving objects (or in this case, animals!) because she moved so fast and was making her way up into the trees, when I knew I wouldn't be able to take a photo. I had no idea that koalas could move so quickly but apparently they can!

On the other hand, the one in the second photo was so relaxed and in such a deep sleep, all while balancing on a branch, that my husband actually didn't believe he was a real koala haha...until we looked closely and could see him breathing  and a small movement of his paw.

A third animal that I'd never seen before was Edinburgh's two pygmy hippos. They're another endangered species due to their natural environment being destroyed. They eat fruit and leaves from shrubs and trees and as you can see, I spotted one hungry hippo!

Just look at this cheeky penguin...what a poser! haha.

We went right the way around the zoo and saw lots of other amazing creatures, it was well worth the visit! These are just a few of the pictures I took.The only thing I would say is that I lot of the zoo is uphill (and really quite steep!). Me and my husband were exhausted by the time we'd walked round half of it and stopped for a break-I'd recommend that you factor in some time for a rest during your visit!

Have you ever visited Edinburgh Zoo?

Em x