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Friday, 14 August 2015

Edinburgh Part 1: Travel, Our Hotel and Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Last weekend, I traveled up to Edinburgh for a few days with my husband, both for a nice little break away and also to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Our day started really quite early for a weekend-we had to get on our first of three trains into Liverpool city center at around 7:40 in order to arrive in Edinburgh at around 12:30. We could have gone later but we wanted to get the most out of our first day there.

Once we arrived at Edinburgh Waverley (the central station), we took a tram to the hotel. We found while we were there that this was the BEST way to travel around as there was a stop right next to hotel and it was £4 for an all day ticket to use on buses and trains that all come very frequently.

We stayed at the Novotel Edinburgh Park, which I would highly recommend due it's convenient location (a lot of the tourist attractions are accessible by the tram and trains that stop literally 1-2 minutes walk from the front of the hotel), lovely rooms and very helpful and friendly staff. The receptionist who checked us in asked us what our plans were, showed us how to get to the places we wanted to go on a map and gave us some recommendations as well. It is a four star hotel and although it was by no means cheap to stay there (probably due to the number of people going to see the Fringe Festival that happens during August), it was better value than staying right in the center of the city and was just as nice and easily accessible. As an added bonus, it's also across the road from a retail park with a Tesco, which was handy for grabbing sandwiches etc when we went on days out and didn't want to have to go looking for somewhere and get stuck in massive queues. There's also a Krispy Kreme cafe across the road (dangerous! More on that in another post).

Once we were checked in, we freshened up and relaxed for a little bit after our journey before heading out to explore! We headed into the city centre, just to have a little look around really and find our bearings but we came across a lot of amazing street performers who were part of the Fringe Festival. We caught bits and bobs of this at other times in our trip, too. There were so many different acts we saw including singers and musicians, comedians, magicians, actors, gymnasts and dancers just to name a few.There was so much variety and so many entertaining acts that we actually stayed around the same area watching them until early evening, then headed for a pizza.

So that was our first day in Edinburgh! There will be more posts coming soon about the rest of our trip.

Have you been to Edinburgh Fringe?

Em x