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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Beauty Wishlist

1. Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend 30ml (£22 via Beauty Expert here). I have been meaning to try rosehip as a facial oil for a while now after reading about its benefits and the fact that Kate Middleton uses it (if it's fit for a princess and all that haha). It supposedly helps with scarring and I'm interested to see what it would do for the pink-red marks left by spots on my skin. Personally, I find the most annoying part about getting a spot is that the mark seems to take forever to fade. I've tried a couple of other facial oils without any problems with breaking out so I'm interested to see how this compares. You can get Rosehip oil cheaper, but this one claims to be more effective as it is a combination of rosehip seed oil and fruit oil. whereas most are just from the seeds. I've read some really good reviews about how it's really improved people's skin.

2. Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette (£15.50 here) I love a good neutral eye shadow palette and I have seen so many good reviews on this one. I googled swatches and it looks so well pigmented and good quality for the price.

3. Urban Decay Smoky Palette (£38 via Debenhams here). I've seen so many reviews of this too but being honest, I wanted it as soon as I first heard about it. I actually don't understand why this is part of the 'Naked' line up (other than the brand trying to capitalise on the already well known range), because surely smoky shades, especially cool toned ones, are the exact opposite of what the word 'Naked' suggests. I love the quality of Urban Decay eye shadows, though, and I don't think you can go wrong with the Naked palettes as they work out to be great value if you think of the cost per eye shadow.

4. TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer (£17.50 but currently on offer for £14 here) is something that has been on my mental wishlist for quite a while now. My problem is justifying the purchase because it seems to be a more dramatic highlight from what I can tell. It looks gorgeous but I would probably only use it for evening wear and I already have a couple of stronger highlighters. But you know when you just NEED something? Lol. I love face products from this brand and I'm sure this would be no exception.

What's on your current beauty wishlist?

Em x