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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Laura Geller Reviews: Cheeks and Lips

Laura Geller isn't a brand I've ever tried and to be honest it's not a brand I've even thought of trying before. I thought it was one of those brands that was only really sold by QVC (in the UK, anyway). However, I was browsing the Beauty Bay sale and spotted this cute little set. It seems like it might have been from Valentine's day sort of time judging by the outer packaging. It contains 3 full sized items and the original price was £30 but I got it for around £10 with the sale and an added discount code on sale items. The set is out of stock on there now but I thought I would review it anyway because all of the items are available individually.

The first product it contains is a 'Blush n Brighten' in the shade 'Pink Grapefruit' (£15.50 here).This is such a pretty baked blush. It's an unusual shade, that is bronzey with pink and peach in it too-perfect for Summer if you are going for a bronzey look or have a bit of a tan. The first thing I thought about it when I swatched it was that it's really nicely pigmented and it requires zero effort to get the colour onto your brush. On the cheeks, it looks like a pinky bronze shade with a sheen-stunning! A very interesting product.

Left to right: Blush n Brighten 'Pink Grapefruit', Baked Hghlighter 'Vanilla', Love Me Dew 'Watermelon Cooler'
The second product is a baked highlighter in the shade 'French Vanilla' (split pan with two shades and a brush is £34 here). I did google reviews of the products before I bought it and this one looked particularly interesting in that it has a sheen to it like most highlighters, but with added coverage. This means that it does actually brighten rather than just adding shimmer-a bit like the effect you can get by using a lighter shade of concealer to highlight under the eye and cheekbones-you sort of get a similar effect from this as well as a a sheen. Fair skinned ladies could therefore use it lightly underneath the eyes to add coverage to your concealer if you have an issue with dark circles.

Pink Grapefruit and French Vanilla on the cheeks (with a slight contour)
The 3rd and final product is the 'Love Me Dew' lip crayon in the shade 'Watermelon cooler' (£13 here), which is a bright but not too bright warm pink that brightens up the face nicely. It's super moisturising but not as slippery feeling as some moisturising lip products, so that it won't wear off in two minutes flat like some can. It's slightly sheer although because it's reasonably bright, it packs a punch and it is buildable, too, if you want it to be more opaque and brighter.

'Watermelon Cooler' on the lips
Overall, I'm really pleased with this set, especially because it was such a bargain. I enjoy every one of the products and it was a really nice introduction to the brand. I would definitely consider trying more products from Laura Geller, having been impressed with these. The brand seems to be an online one from what I can tell and the best places to buy it seem to be QVC here (who have some cute sets available that would be great to try the brand out) and BeautyBay here.

Have you tried anything nice from Laura Geller?

Em x