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Monday, 13 July 2015

Cargo Contour Palette: Monaco

Cargo isn't a brand I seem to hear/ read much about online, which is strange because I know for a fact that they do some really nice eye shadow palettes (I have two). I was thinking of trying out a cheek product from the brand and came across this cute palette containing 3 shades.

I chose the shade 'Monaco', which is the warmer toned of the two colour ways the palette comes in. The contour shade is on the warm side, more of a bronzer type shade really. It then has a coral blush with gold running through it and a highlighter with a slight pink tinge.The cooler toned palette has a pink blush in it that also looked really pretty, but I wasn't sure about the contour shade,which looked almost plummy and I thought might be better on darker skin tones than mine.

Something I really love about this little palette is that I like the finish of all 3 products-my favourite finishes at the moment are a matte bronzer/ contour, a blush that has a sheen to it but isn't overly shimmery and a subtle highlight. That's exactly what these are! More shimmery products are fine for evening wear and I do have a couple of more stronger highlights that I love, but for daylight and when you have combination-oily skin like me, they can be bit much. They are all nicely pigmented but not to the point where you have to be super careful about using them.

Something else I love about this palette is the fact that it contains 3 products in one and is sleek and compact. It's very convenient to keep in your make up bag and great for travel and speed (you wouldn't think that opening individual products takes up that much time in the mornings but in reality, it can when you're having to rummage around for each one first). It contains a good sized mirror that I could easily use to do my entire face of make up, but it's not at all bulky as there isn't any wasted space inside the palette. At the same time, you are getting a good amount of product for your money-6g each so 18g in total.

On the back of the palette is a diagram of where each product should go and the powders themselves are imprinted with the words contour, cheek and highlight. This is a nice addition for anyone who's not quite sure.

Find it via FeelUnique here or via Debenhams here for £22. I don't think that's a bad price at all when you consider the cost of buying 3 individual products.

Have you tried the Cargo contour palettes? What do you think?

Em x