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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

5 'Slap On and Go' Lip Products

If you have a busy job like me, then you will understand that not everyone has time to be faffing about touching up their lipstick during the day. Personally I like to keep a 'slap on and go' lip product in my handbag for such busy days, that I can apply without a mirror and get on with my day. These low maintenance products are also great for Summer because if you're on your holidays or just getting out and about a bit more on sunny days, chances are that you will want to be concentrating on enjoying yourself rather than worrying about your make up. 

Left to right: Nudist, Bashful, Raplumzel, Plum Jam, Fuchsiaristic
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks (£8/ 3 for 2 here) are super glossy and moisturising yet non-sticky. They are almost like a moisturising lip gloss in pencil form. 'Nudist' is a gorgeous peachy-brownish nude that goes with almost anything and 'Bashful' is a sheer baby pink. The other shades are not quite as neutral and therefore I don't get quite a much use out of them, but they are still lovely. 'Fuchsiaristic' looks quite scary luminous orange in the tube but it comes out more like a sheer coral on the lips. I have repurchased both Nudist and Bashful, having used my first ones up completely. That rarely happens with lip products so you know they're good'ns!
Left to right: Peach Dream, French Violet
The MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms (£2 here) are brilliant tinted lip balms that are a bargainous price from Superdrug. They really are nice considering how cheap they are and give a good amount of colour while still being sheer enough to fit into the 'slap on and go' category. I have two shades-Peach Dream and French Violet. You can see my full review of them here and find them here.
Left to right: Rhubarb, Rose, Apples, Sunshine
Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour (£7.99 here) is a great, really moisturising lip balm with a hint of tint. It's very glossy on the lips (it looks more like a lip gloss) and non-sticky. The only draw back of this one is that you need to apply it with a finger because the tube is just a squeezy tube tip, it doesn't have an applicator. I can look past that for the moisturising properties (this one really is excellent for sore lips) and added bonus of SPF 15 for when you're out and about. It comes in 4 shades, my favourite of which is 'Rhubarb', a natural pinky colour that's quite close to the colour of my lips. 'Rose' mutes out my lips slightly for a nudish look, 'Apples' gives a rosy tint and 'Sunshine' is a nice coral shade.
Left to right: 01 Rose Shimmer, 02 Apricot Shimmer, 03 Nude Shimmer, 05 Candy Shimmer

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors (£18 here) are the most expensive of the bunch but I do love them. They taste like vanilla cake and are a moisturising gloss type of product but are again, non sticky (I can't abide super sticky lip products as I constantly end up with a mouthful of my hair...nice). They are really quite sheer so my favourite shade is the brightest, 05 'Candy Shimmer', which gives a nice pinky coral tint. I also have 01 Rose Shimmer (pale nude-pink), 02 Apricot Shimmer (nude peach)  and 03 Nude Shimmer (more of a beige nude). I'm not sure why the names have 'Shimmer' in them because they're not at all shimmery, they are more of a cream formula. Since they are sheer, the paler shades mute down the lips in a flattering way as opposed to the full on sort of nude that can make us fair skinned girls look slightly ill. They have an interesting applicator with a little sponge tip on a squeezy tube.

Clinique Chubby Sticks (£17 here) give a sheer wash of colour that is perfect for on the go. This one isn't as glossy as the other formulas but has more of a sheeny, moisturised looking finish, so would be a nice one if you don't like your lips too glossy. I have the shades 'Whopping Watermelon' (sheer baby pink) and 'Super Strawberry (a rosy shade). 'Whopping watermelon' gets the most use because I love my pinks.

What are your favourite low maintenance lip products?

Em x