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Saturday, 20 June 2015

What Do The Contents Of Your Handbag Say About You?

After reading Maddie's post about what the contents of her handbag say about her (read the post on Dinner With Maddie) I thought I'd share mine. I never quite understood what the point of 'What's In My Bag' youtube videos or blog posts were really, but Maddie's idea of explaining what each item says about you put a much more interesting slant on it...

Sunnies, brown eye liner, a mini mascara and eye make up remover swabs tell you that I have sensitive eyes that start to run with the merest hint of sunshine or wind. My mum has the same problem (thanks mum, I clearly inherited all of your best bits! haha). Sunglasses are a must for me and I carry a dark brown eye liner pencil and a mascara just in case I need to touch up. The eye makeup remover swabs are just genious...snap the end and the make up remover runs into the tip, allowing you to easily wipe away any smudges. I currently have some Almay ones but the cheapest ones I can find online are these BareMinerals ones on for £3.20. I've tried a few brands and they're all pretty much the same. It usually doesn't happen because I have my sunglasses but better to be safe rather than risking looking like a mad woman!

Painkillers tell you that I had whiplash when I was about 15 during a car accident. My dad was driving me and my brother to school when a speeding driver shot out from behind a bus, sending us spinning across a major road. By the time we'd stopped spinning there were quite literally no tyres left because they'd burnt away with the friction. Thank goodness for seat belts or it might well have been more serious for all of us! I sometimes suffer from neck ache as a result and I like to have pain killers on hand because it's just not pleasant.

Blotting papers and powder tell you that I have oily skin. Without blotting papers and powder, my t-zone (my nose in particular) would look like an oil slick, especially on longer days. I normally blot then powder where needed around lunch time.

A balmy lip product tells you that often when I'm at work, I like a low maintenance lip product that keep my lips moisturised. I don't always have the time to keep touching up lipstick so I like a tinted balm type product that I can quickly slap on without a mirror. As you can see when I say 'a' balmy lip product, I'm lying to myself...because the 3 on the picture were genuinely all in there haha.

An Umbrella tells you that my hair looks disgusting if it gets rained on. Rain water makes it flat and greasy looking...not attractive.

Tissues and plasters tell you that I like to be well prepared...more often than not it's someone else who needs them rather than be but they're handy to have with me.

Divergent tells you not only that I like reading a few pages here and there when I get the chance, but also that I secretly like reading 'young adult' books when I'm reading to relax (shhh!). Sometimes I will read something more brain taxing but if I'm reading to relax, I want something that's an easy read. I don't necessarily carry a book every single day but I do take one to work or if I'm going on a train journey or something. There's one to be found in there more often than not.

Deodorant and perfume tells you that at work I am often running around like a headless chicken...we all know what happens...things can get a little I like to have these with me so I can freshen up during the day.

What do the contents of your handbag say about you?

Em x