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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Maybelline Forever Strong Superstay Nail Polishes

Top left: Eternal Lilac, Mint For Life, Sea Sky, Pink In The Park
Top Right: Divine Wine, Midnight Red
Bottom Right: Surreal, Pink Volt, Red Hot Getaway, Nude Rose
I've mentioned these nail polishes a few times in various posts but thought they deserved a post of their own. Despite the number of nail polishes I own (a lot!), I have been reluctant to use anything else since I've discovered these. I bought two to begin with, but after I realising how much I like them, I have gradually picked up another here and there and a couple of months later I now have 10 shades (addict right here haha). I'm actually half way down the bottle with 2 of the shades, 'Mint For Life' and 'Eternal Lilac', because I can't stop wearing them!

On average, I only get around 2 days out of nail polish before it starts to chip. With these, on the other hand, I get around 4 or if I reapply top coat I can just about get the 7 days that it says on the bottle, with a little bit of tip wear. It does say on the back of the bottle '7 days with top coat touch ups' so that's actually quite accurate. I get longer wear time from these than do I from any other brand I've tried, and that includes more expensive ones such as OPI, Essie, Orly and Nails Inc.

They have a wide, flat sort of brush, which in my opinion is the easiest style of nail polish brush to use. Every shade I have tried is really nicely pigmented and you could probably get away with one coat with a lot of them. I tend to do two just to be safe.

The cheapest I have found them is actually at ASDA, where they are £2.97, so I have sneaked a few into my basket when I've been food shopping.You can also find them at Boots (£4.49/ 3 for 2 here) or Superdrug (also £4.49/ 3 for 2 here).

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Have you tried these nail polsihes? What do you think?

Em x