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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Easy Cupcake Decoration: Pretty in Pink

I whipped up these cupcakes a few weekends back and took some photos so I thought I'd do a quick post to share them. The cakes themselves are a simple sponge mix-I creamed together 8oz sugar and 8oz butter, whisked in 4 eggs  then mixed in 8oz flour and added a few of drops of vanilla extract. You could use 4,4,4 and 2 for the ingredients instead but the cases I was using were quite deep so I knew I needed a fair amount of mixture to fill them (this recipe made 8).

Once baked and cooled, I used a small spatula to spread some Betty Crocker's strawberry flavour icing on the top (cheating, I know! haha). I then placed a Haribo Chamallow on the top of each, which are pink marshmallows with a jam filling. Finally I sprinkled some Dr Oetker pink 'Shimmer Sugar' around the outside.

I've really cut down on the baking I'm doing because baking cakes leads to me eating some of them! I have been cutting down on sugary foods in an attempt to shift a few pounds so this felt like a real treat! It's not anything complicated but sometimes it's nice to just make a quick batch of something that doesn't require hours of work.

What do you think? 

Em x