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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Do The Twist: Scunci InstaTwist Review

As soon as I heard about the new 'InstaTwist' from Scunci, I knew I had to try it for myself. I picked it up for £29.99 from my local Argos (available online from Argos here or Superdrug here. It is a battery operated contraption that is designed to create twisted rope style braids. I'm not one for doing a lot with my hair really. I generally have it out (curly-my hair is wavy and I style it to be more curly) or in a bun, basic plait/ braid or pony tail and that's about it. I recently got into doing a few different braids but I'm not yet an expert...I'm working on it. I thought this looked like a really easy way of doing something that looks pretty fancy!

How does it work?
You will see that there are two black buttons on the left and right. Once you push those up, a small hook is revealed on each side. You take a section of hair, split it into two and place each underneath one of these hooks. Next you push the switch upwards and the two hooks spin, which twists the two sections of hair individually. Once it is twisted as tight as you want it, you push the switch down and it twists the two sections together to make a sort of twisted braid. It comes with a little packet of clear bands that you can use to finish off the braids to hold them in place (it also came with the 2 batteries needed to make it work).

Does it live up to expectations?
I have been trying out some of the styles that Scunci suggest and I have found that it's super easy to use. At first I did wonder if my hair would get tangled in it (that was my only reservation) but nothing like that happened so there was no need to worry. I love the twists that it creates and the fact that you could do so many different styles with it. You can make anything from tiny twists to pulling your whole hair into one twist (I can manage this and I have a lot of hair). I also really like that it's battery powered so it's super easy to use wherever you like or travel with it easily.

My favourite style has been what they call 'angel tiwsts', which is done by making a twist at the front on each side of the head, pulling them back and fastening them together with a clear band. This means that my hair is out of my face but still down and it's a bit more interesting than the usual half up style. I also really like to pull my hair to the side and do a larger twist (mine is slightly messy because I have layers but I sort of like it that way-it makes it look a bit more effortless).

Here are some of Scunci's suggested styles...

Image source

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Overall, I'd really recommend the Scunci InstaTwist if you like doing something slightly different with your hair without too much effort!

Have you tried the InstaTwist yet?

Em x