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Friday, 26 June 2015

June 2015 Beauty Favourites

Here are my favourite beauty products from June (I can't believe the month is almost gone again already!)...

I always have a can of Batiste dry shampoo to hand because my hair gets oily really quite quickly. This month I picked up Batiste 'Eden' because the tropical scent I normally go for was out of stock at my local Superdrug. It is a sugar melon and honeysuckle scent and I've actually really enjoyed it. It does the job and leave my hair smelling lovely. The only thing is that you can only get this in the smaller 200ml cans (please make this scent in the larger size, Batiste!), which you can find here (currently on offer for £1.62, normally £3.29). The scent is exclusive to Superdrug I believe.

As far as eye shadow goes, I have really been enjoying putting some matte brown shades in the crease then using L'oreal L'Ombre Pure Eye Shadow in 204 'Golden Nude' (£5.49 here) on the lid. You can see that this looks a little messy now because it has been well loved! It is a very soft shadow that is almost like a pressed pigment, in a sparkly beige-gold shade. Putting mattes everywhere else means that the one sparkly shade stands out nicely.

My favourite blush this month has been the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in 'Nude Mauve' (£8.99/ 3 for 2 here). I love the formula of these because they have a bit of a glow to them without being overly shimmery and they're so easy to blend. They almost blend themselves really so are brilliant if you're doing your make up in a rush. Nude Mauve is a subtle pink that's neutral enough to work with most other makeup and is a great everyday shade.

It had been a while since I used my Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour (£7.99 via FeelUnique here) and I'd forgotten just how good they are. Despite it being June, there have been some chilly, wet and blustery days this month so my lips appreciated something nice and moisturizing. These also contain SPF15 so are good if you're spending time outdoors. I've been using the shade 'Rhubarb' the most, which has quite a natural pink tint to it, although I actually own all 4 shades available.

As far as skincare goes, my skin decided to erupt with a few spots this month...probably because of a few stressful times that were enough to result in me blubbing all over my husband (and breathe!). I found myself reaching for the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Treatment Gel (£4.99 here), which is a salicylic acid treatment that reduces the size of spots overnight. I also reached more for my deep cleansing face masks in an effort to try to help the situation, including Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask (£10.50 here) and the Superfacialist by Una Brennan Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask (normally £9.99, currently on offer for £6.66 here).

My most worn perfume this month was Ghost Eclipse (cheapest via here), which is a lovely fruity scent that's perfect for Summer.

What were your most used beauty products this month?

Em x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Do The Twist: Scunci InstaTwist Review

As soon as I heard about the new 'InstaTwist' from Scunci, I knew I had to try it for myself. I picked it up for £29.99 from my local Argos (available online from Argos here or Superdrug here. It is a battery operated contraption that is designed to create twisted rope style braids. I'm not one for doing a lot with my hair really. I generally have it out (curly-my hair is wavy and I style it to be more curly) or in a bun, basic plait/ braid or pony tail and that's about it. I recently got into doing a few different braids but I'm not yet an expert...I'm working on it. I thought this looked like a really easy way of doing something that looks pretty fancy!

How does it work?
You will see that there are two black buttons on the left and right. Once you push those up, a small hook is revealed on each side. You take a section of hair, split it into two and place each underneath one of these hooks. Next you push the switch upwards and the two hooks spin, which twists the two sections of hair individually. Once it is twisted as tight as you want it, you push the switch down and it twists the two sections together to make a sort of twisted braid. It comes with a little packet of clear bands that you can use to finish off the braids to hold them in place (it also came with the 2 batteries needed to make it work).

Does it live up to expectations?
I have been trying out some of the styles that Scunci suggest and I have found that it's super easy to use. At first I did wonder if my hair would get tangled in it (that was my only reservation) but nothing like that happened so there was no need to worry. I love the twists that it creates and the fact that you could do so many different styles with it. You can make anything from tiny twists to pulling your whole hair into one twist (I can manage this and I have a lot of hair). I also really like that it's battery powered so it's super easy to use wherever you like or travel with it easily.

My favourite style has been what they call 'angel tiwsts', which is done by making a twist at the front on each side of the head, pulling them back and fastening them together with a clear band. This means that my hair is out of my face but still down and it's a bit more interesting than the usual half up style. I also really like to pull my hair to the side and do a larger twist (mine is slightly messy because I have layers but I sort of like it that way-it makes it look a bit more effortless).

Here are some of Scunci's suggested styles...

Image source

image source

Overall, I'd really recommend the Scunci InstaTwist if you like doing something slightly different with your hair without too much effort!

Have you tried the InstaTwist yet?

Em x

Monday, 22 June 2015

5 Great Nude Lipsticks

In my mini series of 5 great lipsticks from each colour family, today is the turn of the nudes. When I say nudes, I don't mean super pale nudes, because being quite fair, they just aren't for me-they just make me look ill. I tend to go for pink nudes, peach nudes or if I do wear a beige tone, it's normally a darker one to avoid concealer lips!

From left to right above: 

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 'Naked' (£15.50 via Debenhams here) is a great 'my lips but better' shade, a sort of pinky nude. The formula of these lipsticks is creamy, smooth and pigmented and feels lovely on the lips. I love this shade so much that I actually wore it on our wedding day.

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 03 (£5.49 via Boots hereis a darker beige toned nude that I like to wear with smokey eyes in the evening. It mutes down my lips without making me look dead.

Bourjois Velvet Edition Lipstick in 04 (£7.99 via Boots here)is a slightly mauve shade that's really quite similar to the colour of my lips, but a bit more mauve. This one is smooth and glossy so doesn't last all that long on the lips really but I don't mind reapplying because it feels so nice on.

Estee Lauder Crystal Lipstick in 'Crystal Baby' (£21 via Debenhams hereis possibly my all time favourite nude. It has definite peach tones to it and is sheer, glossy and easy to wear. Mine is in gift with purchase packaging in case you wondered why the packaging is different.

L'oreal Caresse Lipstick in 501 Nude Ingenue is a other sheer and glossy formula but is much more beige toned. It doesn't come across as beige, however, because the natural colour of my lips shows through. It therefore just mutes down the colour of my lips rather than being a full on beige shade. I suspect that these may have been recently discontinued but they are available on ebay here for £3.99 with free delivery.

What are your favourite nude lipsticks?

Em x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

What Do The Contents Of Your Handbag Say About You?

After reading Maddie's post about what the contents of her handbag say about her (read the post on Dinner With Maddie) I thought I'd share mine. I never quite understood what the point of 'What's In My Bag' youtube videos or blog posts were really, but Maddie's idea of explaining what each item says about you put a much more interesting slant on it...

Sunnies, brown eye liner, a mini mascara and eye make up remover swabs tell you that I have sensitive eyes that start to run with the merest hint of sunshine or wind. My mum has the same problem (thanks mum, I clearly inherited all of your best bits! haha). Sunglasses are a must for me and I carry a dark brown eye liner pencil and a mascara just in case I need to touch up. The eye makeup remover swabs are just genious...snap the end and the make up remover runs into the tip, allowing you to easily wipe away any smudges. I currently have some Almay ones but the cheapest ones I can find online are these BareMinerals ones on for £3.20. I've tried a few brands and they're all pretty much the same. It usually doesn't happen because I have my sunglasses but better to be safe rather than risking looking like a mad woman!

Painkillers tell you that I had whiplash when I was about 15 during a car accident. My dad was driving me and my brother to school when a speeding driver shot out from behind a bus, sending us spinning across a major road. By the time we'd stopped spinning there were quite literally no tyres left because they'd burnt away with the friction. Thank goodness for seat belts or it might well have been more serious for all of us! I sometimes suffer from neck ache as a result and I like to have pain killers on hand because it's just not pleasant.

Blotting papers and powder tell you that I have oily skin. Without blotting papers and powder, my t-zone (my nose in particular) would look like an oil slick, especially on longer days. I normally blot then powder where needed around lunch time.

A balmy lip product tells you that often when I'm at work, I like a low maintenance lip product that keep my lips moisturised. I don't always have the time to keep touching up lipstick so I like a tinted balm type product that I can quickly slap on without a mirror. As you can see when I say 'a' balmy lip product, I'm lying to myself...because the 3 on the picture were genuinely all in there haha.

An Umbrella tells you that my hair looks disgusting if it gets rained on. Rain water makes it flat and greasy looking...not attractive.

Tissues and plasters tell you that I like to be well prepared...more often than not it's someone else who needs them rather than be but they're handy to have with me.

Divergent tells you not only that I like reading a few pages here and there when I get the chance, but also that I secretly like reading 'young adult' books when I'm reading to relax (shhh!). Sometimes I will read something more brain taxing but if I'm reading to relax, I want something that's an easy read. I don't necessarily carry a book every single day but I do take one to work or if I'm going on a train journey or something. There's one to be found in there more often than not.

Deodorant and perfume tells you that at work I am often running around like a headless chicken...we all know what happens...things can get a little I like to have these with me so I can freshen up during the day.

What do the contents of your handbag say about you?

Em x

Friday, 19 June 2015 Haul and Up To 1/3 Off French Skincare

I am someone who likes to pick up back ups of products I use all the time while they're on offer...I mean why pay the full price in a couple of weeks if you have the funds to buy them at a reduced price now, right? In the long run you can save yourself quite a bit doing things this way.

I received an email from telling me they were doing an offer involving 'up to 1/3 of French pharmacy skincare' so headed to the website to pick up some essentials and I ended up picking up one item I've never tried as well. Here are my recommendations!

La Roche Posay Effeclar Mat (£9.67/ normally £14.50 hereis a lovely every day moisturiser for oilier skins like mine. It has a gel-creme consistency. It doesn't, however, contain any SPF so I use other products with SPF like my foundation primer. If I'm spending much time in the sun, however, I will apply a product actually designed for the purpose of being an SPF, such as...

La Roche Posay Anthelios AC Anti-Shine Matte Fluid SPF30 (currently £10.67/ normally £16 here). This is a very runny SPF that sinks into the skin nicely and isn't too shiny looking to use under make up on oilier skins. I can skip moisturiser and use this as a 2 in 1.

La Roche Posay Serozinc (currently £5.67/ normally £8.50 hereis a combination of spring water, healing zinc sulphate and astringent sodium chloride in spray form. This make for a nice toner product and helps to battle blemishes due to the zinc. I've also heard that it's nice on drier skins because it feels quite hydrating, too.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm (currently £6.33/ usually £9.50 here is THE BEST lip balm ever. It works miracles on sore, chapped lips, particularly when applied before bed. Personally I apply it every morning and night, and sometime in between...hence why I bought 2 because I really get through the stuff. It has a slightly strange texture in that it is almost matte once applied, but this makes it good for using underneath lipstick because it doesn't slip and slide the same as other lip balms. It tastes a little bit like lemon curd!

Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream (£5.66, normally £8.50 hereis a new product (to me, anyway) that I'm trying out. I love a good hand cream and this one contains 5% Urea, which is the skin's own moisturising agent.

Mister Mascara Tweezers (currently £2.99/ usually £7.40 hereare great for the price. Although obviously not part of the skincare offer, they are still on sale.They are nice and sharp and last for years. I actually have some of these already and must have had them for about 5 years at a guess but I like to have a couple of pairs of tweezers because I am always misplacing them. You get a mini version too, which still work well and are good for your travel make up/ toiletries bag.

They also sent me a couple of free Nuxe samples. I look forward to trying the multi-purpose oil. The cream is for plumping lines which I don't need yet so I will pass it onto someone.

I'm pretty sure the French Pharmacy offer runs until the end of June.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

Em x

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Easy Cupcake Decoration: Pretty in Pink

I whipped up these cupcakes a few weekends back and took some photos so I thought I'd do a quick post to share them. The cakes themselves are a simple sponge mix-I creamed together 8oz sugar and 8oz butter, whisked in 4 eggs  then mixed in 8oz flour and added a few of drops of vanilla extract. You could use 4,4,4 and 2 for the ingredients instead but the cases I was using were quite deep so I knew I needed a fair amount of mixture to fill them (this recipe made 8).

Once baked and cooled, I used a small spatula to spread some Betty Crocker's strawberry flavour icing on the top (cheating, I know! haha). I then placed a Haribo Chamallow on the top of each, which are pink marshmallows with a jam filling. Finally I sprinkled some Dr Oetker pink 'Shimmer Sugar' around the outside.

I've really cut down on the baking I'm doing because baking cakes leads to me eating some of them! I have been cutting down on sugary foods in an attempt to shift a few pounds so this felt like a real treat! It's not anything complicated but sometimes it's nice to just make a quick batch of something that doesn't require hours of work.

What do you think? 

Em x

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fantastic Budget Brush Cleanser: Repurposing Beauty Products

I recently saw this tip mentioned by Siobhan on her youtube channel 'LetzMakeup' (the video is here if you want to check it out). I thought it was so good that I'd share it! 

Siobhan suggested using a micellar water containing alcohol as a brush cleanser. I had never considered this but it makes total sense. Micellar water is obviously designed to remove makeup from the skin. It wouldn't normally be enough on its own since it doesn't contain a disinfectant. However, the newer versions of the Garnier micellar water contain alcohol, which will kill any bacteria and nasties.

It is also far cheaper than most brush cleansers, especially when you can regularly get it on offer for around £3-4 for a huge 400ml bottle. I picked up the Pure Active version as it was on offer when I was in Superdrug (£3.29 here) but you could also use the combination skin version as it also contains alcohol (currently £3.33 via Boots here). I use this to spot clean brushes that I want to use again quickly as it dries within a couple of minutes. All you need to do is to put a few drops onto a cotton wool pad/ face cloth/ whatever else you want to use and gently rub the brush onto it. As you can see from the above photos, you very quickly have a clean brush! I do also deep clean them with Dr Bronner's soap every 1-2 weeks, but the micellar water is ideal for spot cleaning.

What I will say is that I would not recommend using the alcohol heavy micellar waters on the skin as it can dry it out, irritate it and actually make oily skin oilier because your skin feels like it has to rgreplace the lost moisture and goes into oil producing overdrive. I much prefer the original, alcohol free version (currently on offer for £2.79 via Boots here) for use on the face, which is far less drying. The alcohol containing ones make the perfect budget friendly brush cleaner, though!

Thanks to Siobhan for the top tip!

Em x

Monday, 15 June 2015

5 Great Pink Lipsticks

My recent post entitled '5 great orange/ coral lipsticks' turned out to be pretty popular so I thought I might turn this into sort of a mini series and today is the turn of five of my favourite pinks...

From left to right above...

MAC Girl About Town (£15.50 via Debenhams here) has recently become my go-to fuchsia pink when I want more of a statement pink lip. It is an amplified formula, meaning that it is super pigmented and creamy and leaves behind a slight stain on the lips when it wears off. I like to pair it with the Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner in bright pink shade 'Jilted'. The two together make for a very long lasting lip.

MAC Creme Cup (£15.50 via Debenhams hereis an easy to wear,  slightly dusky baby pink. It is really quite cool toned so in my experience looks best worn with cooler toned blush-it tends to look a bit strange with warmer toned cheeks. I have got a lot of use out of this as you can see. If you're looking for a cheaper version of this shade, I found a dupe in Max Factor's 'Star Dust Pink' colour elixir lipstick (find my comparison here). The Max Factor version doesn't last quite as long on the lips but as far as shade goes it is virtually identical!

Revlon Lip Butter in 'Berry Smoothie' (£7.99/ 2 for £10 via Boots hereis an easy to wear berry toned medium pink with a sheeny finish. You can see that this one is not far away from being used up! Probably something to do with the fact that I find this goes with a lot of eye/ cheek make up.

Revlon Lip Butter in 'Strawberry Shortcake' (£7.99/ 2 for £10 via Boots here)is a sheer bubblegum pink that is easy to wear yet really brightens the face. It's a bit brighter than MAC Creme Cup. Again this one is very well used.

KIKO Smart Lipstick in 911 (£3.90 via the KIKO website hereis a medium, brightish pink that has a lovely sheer, nourishing formula. You can build up the colour or wear it as a sheer wash on the lips. I love the formula of these lipsticks (I own one other) and I would definitely consider picking up more shades. Unfortunately KIKO has limited stores in the UK. I picked up some goodies when I spent a long weekend in London last Summer but you can buy online if you're not near a store.

What are your favourite pink lipsticks?

Em x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Maybelline Forever Strong Superstay Nail Polishes

Top left: Eternal Lilac, Mint For Life, Sea Sky, Pink In The Park
Top Right: Divine Wine, Midnight Red
Bottom Right: Surreal, Pink Volt, Red Hot Getaway, Nude Rose
I've mentioned these nail polishes a few times in various posts but thought they deserved a post of their own. Despite the number of nail polishes I own (a lot!), I have been reluctant to use anything else since I've discovered these. I bought two to begin with, but after I realising how much I like them, I have gradually picked up another here and there and a couple of months later I now have 10 shades (addict right here haha). I'm actually half way down the bottle with 2 of the shades, 'Mint For Life' and 'Eternal Lilac', because I can't stop wearing them!

On average, I only get around 2 days out of nail polish before it starts to chip. With these, on the other hand, I get around 4 or if I reapply top coat I can just about get the 7 days that it says on the bottle, with a little bit of tip wear. It does say on the back of the bottle '7 days with top coat touch ups' so that's actually quite accurate. I get longer wear time from these than do I from any other brand I've tried, and that includes more expensive ones such as OPI, Essie, Orly and Nails Inc.

They have a wide, flat sort of brush, which in my opinion is the easiest style of nail polish brush to use. Every shade I have tried is really nicely pigmented and you could probably get away with one coat with a lot of them. I tend to do two just to be safe.

The cheapest I have found them is actually at ASDA, where they are £2.97, so I have sneaked a few into my basket when I've been food shopping.You can also find them at Boots (£4.49/ 3 for 2 here) or Superdrug (also £4.49/ 3 for 2 here).

You can see them featured in other posts here and here

Have you tried these nail polsihes? What do you think?

Em x

Friday, 12 June 2015

Ebay Bargain Shoe Dupe: Jewelled Block Heel Sandals

Image source here

I came across the Dune 'Harah' jewelled block heel sandals in black suede online recently and fell in love. I found them on the House of Fraser website here, but they are also available through Debenhams, John Lewis and the Dune website here. I can't justify £75 on another pair of black heels right now as I have a few pairs and am trying to save for various things.It is quite a lot of money after all! So I had a look around online to see if I could find a cheaper alternative and I just spotted these ones on ebay that look virtually identical for £19.99 plus £3.99 delivery. Far more affordable and I'm tempted!

Here are the ebay ones, (image sourced from here). Don't they look identical?!
I actually have a pair of reasonably similar shoes from Next with the same jewelled heel, but the front of them is more of a peep toe style rather than the thinner strap on these. For some reason peep toes never agree with my feet-they seem to rub my toes and cause blisters without fail.  For this reason I have been thinking for a while about trying to find a pair with the same heel but a slightly different shape and passing the others onto someone. My Next ones are just as pretty but for me personally, I think these would be much more comfortable. 

I love block heels because if you want to be a bit more dressed up during the day, they are comfortable, but you can just as easily wear them on an evening out and the heel in particular looks the part on these! Wedges or mid height block heels are definitely good for people who can't cope with high heels for more than a couple of hours (like me!). I don't mind higher, thinner heels if I know I'm going to be sitting down, going out for a meal or something but if I intend on dancing or spending much time on my feet, I don't want to be that girl hobbling around in pain instead of enjoying herself. These are the perfect solution!

Have you found any ebay dupes/ bargains recently?

Em x

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fashion and Homeware: All Things Mint

Images sourced from links detailed below
I currently have an obsession with all things mint...I just ordered a gorgeous mint coloured top from Yours Clothing and am waiting for it to arrive (I mentioned it in this post a couple of months ago and it finally came into stock yay!).  I thought I'd share my picks for all things mint just in case anyone else is suffering from the same obsession lol.

1.I absolutely love this dress from Your Clothing, it's just so pretty for Summer and would be so easy to wear during the day with sandals or for evening by adding a pair of heels (£35 here). It looks about knee length on the model.
2. If you wanted something more of a midi length then this one from ASOS looks nice and flowy in the skirt and is £55 here
3.They also do a maxi version of it here for £75, which I think would make a gorgeous prom or bridesmaid dress.
4. These ballet pumps from New Look are such a pretty shade. They look so pale that they are almost like a white with a tinge of green. They're a bargain, too, at £7.99 here.
5. I love statement necklaces and this one from New Look is no exception (£8 on sale from £14.99 here)

Images sourced from links detailed below
6. I think this mint elephant lamp from Urban Outfitters is super cute! (find it here for £30)
7. This pretty mint shabby chic style photo frame can be found on ebay here for £9.99.
8. This statement necklace would look gorgeous over a plain white top for Summer, find it here from New Look @ASOS (£10 on sale from £14.99).
9.These jelly sandals with floral detail would be super cute for the beach (£10.99 from ebay here).
10. I love the cutout detailing on this clutch, which is a bargainous £6.49 with free delivery from ebay here.

Have you got any mint green things on your wishlist?

Em x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Multi-Purpose Body Oil

I've had the Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Body Oil sitting in my bathroom for a little while but for some reason hadn't really given it a proper go. I think I used it once and then I got distracted by other products. However, now I have given it the chance it deserves, I'm glad I did!

The great thing about this oil, apart from the fact it smells like chocolate, is that it's so multi-purpose. You wouldn't know this unless you read the small print on the back of the bottle, at first glance it just looks like a body moisturiser.

As a moisturiser, it leaves the skin feeling really well nourished. You can also add it to your bath and you get out feeling really moisturised. I find that I can skip body moisturiser afterwards if I use it this way. Thirdly, which I only discovered on Saturday, it's great for shaving with. I ran out of my shave gel and since I was already in the bath, I looked around for something I could grab...I spotted the Palmer's Body Oil. I rubbed a bit into my legs (on wet skin) and it gave a really nice smooth shave and left my legs feeling really nourished-brilliant!

The oil is also quite budget friendly, at £5.09 for a 250ml bottle that really will last a long time as you only need such a small amount however you use it. Find it here via Superdrug.

Have you tried the Palmer's Cocoa Butter body oil?

Em x

Sunday, 7 June 2015

5 Great Coral/ Orange Lipsticks

As well as the coral nail polish I wrote about in my last post, I love coral lips in the Summer. I have a fair few coral lipsticks so I thought I would share 5 of my current favourites....

1. Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in the shade '420 In With Coral' is a matte yet creamy lip pencil. It is definitely a coral, but it is more towards the pink end of the spectrum rather than orange, as you can see in the photo. These pencils are also great dupes for the NARS matte lip pencils at a fraction of the price (find them via Boots here for £4.99/ 3 for 2)

2. Essence long lasting lipstick in shade 01 'Coral Calling' is a great budget option. These lipsticks actually have a really nice, moisturising feeling formula to them for the price. I wouldn't say that they are very long lasting in actual fact but for the price I don't mind reapplying. Find it for a bargainous £2.30 via Wilko here.

3. MAC ' Coral Bliss' is an easy to wear, more subtle coral lipstick. On the lips, it is really quite sheer and glossy and almost comes across as a coral-nude. It's a very pretty one for everyday wear. Find it here via Debenhams (currently £13.95 due to being 10% off but I believe this offer ends today).

4. The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in shade 105 'Coral Cutie' is a highly pigmented orange. It's very pigmented and a lovely smooth formula. This is a fun shade for the Summer, but just be careful about your teeth as it can make them look slightly yellow. I like to wear this with a more red based lip liner around the edges and blended inwards, so that I end up with more of an orange-red shade. Find it here for £10 (although you can currently get £10 off a £25 spend with the code 14670).

5. The Body Shop Colour Crush Shine Lipstick in shade 18 'Sunset Romance' is quite similar to MAC Coral Bliss in that it is another really easy to wear sheer, glossy formula. It is, however, more pink than the MAC one. Find it here for £10 but again you can get £10 off if you spend £25.

What are your favourite coral/ orange lipsticks for Summer?

Em x

Friday, 5 June 2015

Summer Nails: Coral Gold Glitter Gradient

I have this combo on my nails at the moment and I love it so I thought I'd share it :-) I've mentioned this glitter gradient technique before and it's quite simple really, although it looks more difficult than it is. It doesn't require you to be particularly great at doing nails and without fail I get asked where I got my nails done when I wear it. 

I used 2 coats of Maybelline Superstay 'Red Hot Getaway' as a base colour. I love this line of polishes so much that they probably deserve a separate post of their own. They are one of the few polishes that actually last a few days on my nails and they are nicely pigmented and non-streaky too. I could probably have got away with 1 coat but I like to do 2 to be on the safe side. Find it here via Superdrug for £4.49/ 3 for 2.  

I then used Butter London West End Wonderland to paint around half of the nails, middle to tip, making sure that the line wasn't straight across at the join between glitter and non-glitter by moving the pieces around a bit with the brush. You can find it via Boots for £12 here but you could use any fine gold glitter since this one is on the more pricey side (I actually got mine cheaply in TK Maxx).

 Once dry, I took Essie's 'Summit of Style' (a much more chunky glitter) and painted it just onto to tips of my nails to create a gradient effect. I'm pretty sure that this was a limited edition polish last Winter/ Christmas but Debenhams still have it available for £7.19 here. You could, however, use any chunky gold glitter polish.

I topped this with a top coat to smooth over the glitter and help everything stay put.

I love how effective this technique looks considering how easy it is and I really like coral nails for Summer.

What do you think?

Em x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Summer Scent: Ghost Eclipse

I'm loving this perfume for Spring/Summer after receiving it as a birthday gift at the end of May. I had only tried one of Ghost's perfumes before, which is Deep Night (my go to evening scent). This one is much more Summery, subtle and daytime appropriate with its easy to wear fruity scent. It's difficult to describe scents in writing so I will tell you the notes-the top notes are bergamot, marigold and mixed fruits, the middle notes are lotus, freesia and rose and the base notes are amber and musk. To me, it smells quite citrusey with quite a lot of orange in it. I love the packaging, too! The only negative is that it's not particularly long lasting on the skin, but having said that you can get it at a good price online so it doesn't seem so bad if you have to reapply during the day-I like to carry some in a small atomiser. The cheapest I could find it is via, where you can find 50ml for £19.65 or 75ml for £23.95. If you buy the larger of the two, it is almost half price (RRP for 75ml is £46.50).

Have you tried Ghost Eclipse? What do you think?

Em x