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Monday, 4 May 2015

My Favourite Nourishing Hair Products

Having had long hair since I was a kid, I've tried a fair few nourishing hair products, especially for the lengths of my hair. My hairdresser is always commenting on what good condition my hair is in so clearly I am doing something right! I thought I would share my favourite products for nourished hair...

1) Deep Conditioners/ Masks
My absolute favourite conditioner is the TIGI Catwalk Headshot conditioner. It is a very nourishing, fruity smelling conditioner that can also be used as a mask if left on for longer. It contains what protein and amino acids according to the description. It makes my hair feel super soft and in good condition. Being a higher end brand, it is a little more expensive but you can often find it on offer online or I often buy it at TK Maxx. Fragrance Direct currently have a 250ml bottle for £7.50 (RRP 9.45) here and a large 750ml pump bottle (which is what I tend to buy) for £15.99 (RRP £29.95) here. For a more budget friendly hair mask, I like the Garnier Ultimate Blends Sleek Restorer Intensive 1 Minute Treatment. It's normally £4.49 for a 150ml tube but is currently on offer for £2.99 at Boots here. I don't have one of these at the moment but have repurchased it a few times.

2)Leave in conditioners
After I wash my hair, I like to use a leave in conditioner spray through the lengths before detangling it with a wide toothed comb. This not only makes it easier to comb and detangle but also adds an extra bit of moisture. My favourite is the Aussie Miracle Recharge Hair Insurance Leave-in spray, which is normally £4.49 but currently on offer for a bargainous £2.22 at Superdrug here. If you can't get hold of that or want something even more budget friendly then the Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner is only £1.49 for 150ml (regular price!) here. I find the latter just slightly less moisturising than the Aussie version but it is still a nice product and I am about two thirds of the way through my bottle.

3) Hair oils
After detangling, I also like to apply a hair oil through the lengths of my hair, concentrating it on the ends to make sure they stay in good condition. My favourite hair oil is Macadamia oil Healing Treatment, which is a thick oil that feels more like a serum. However, it doesn't weigh my hair down even if I apply quite a lot so it's pretty fool proof. Full price it is £29.95 for a 125ml bottle, however I have never paid the full price because I can always find it cheaper online. The cheapest I can find at the moment is on, who currently have the same bottle for £14.95 here. For a budget alternative, I also enjoy the Garnier Sleek Restorer oil, which is normally £9.99 but is currently on offer for £6.66 at Boots here.

What are your favourite products for nourished hair?

Em x