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Thursday, 7 May 2015

How To Fake a Good Night's Sleep

You know the haven't managed to get enough sleep for one reason or another...whether you've been out partying, been kept up by your children or just not been able to get to sleep, sometimes we all need a bit of help to look awake. These are the products I use to fake a good night's sleep!

1) Rimmel Match Perfection concealer (£5.99 here) is a lightweight, easily blended in concealer that claims to be 2 in 1 with a highlighter included. It gives a decent amount of coverage on dark circles and has a bit of a glow to it.

2) L'oreal Lumi Maqique concealer (£8.49 here) is one of the many YSL Touche Eclat dupes on the market. It doesn't have a huge amount of coverage but is ideal for blending in over the top of a more covering concealer to add more of a glow. If I'm feeling really sleepy, I put a little of it on the inner part of my undereye area and gently pat it into my concealer with my ring finger to brighten my eyes even more. I have shade 1, 'Light'.

3) Curl your eyelashes. This opens your eyes up so much, automatically making you look much more awake. My favourite lash curlers of the ones I've tried are the Mister Mascara lash curlers (£6.50 here). They don't seem to be a very well known brand but I think they're great. They do the job and come with several spare pads/ cushions so they last a long time.

4)When I've finished my eye makeup, I like to add a light shimmery eye shadow shade into the tear duct area. This opens the eyes up and makes me look so much more wide awake. I really like MUA's eye shadow in 'Champagne' (£1 here). It is nicely pigmented and blendable and such a bargain!

5) A light nude shade of eye liner in your waterline works wonders when you're tired, particularly if your eyes get a bit red. My choice would be the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in the shade 'Nude' (£3.99 here). It is very brightening, cancels out the red and isn't as fake or obvious looking as a white.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite tricks for looking awake after a late night?

Em x