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Monday, 25 May 2015

Boots Advantage Point Goodies

I noticed last weekend that I had built up over £30 of Boots advantage card points so I decided to have a look on the Boots website and treat myself to a few freebies.You didn't used to be able to pay for things with points online but you can now. I quite like ordering things to pick up at my local store as I can jut pick up my order on my way home from work.

Sometimes I save up points for one bigger thing but this time I picked up a few less expensive items...

Rimmel have added some new shades to their Kate Moss lipstick range (£5.49 here) for Spring/ Summer 2015. I love this range of lipsticks already, I think they are some of the best from the 'drugstore' (you can see my post on the rest that I own here) so I picked up 3 of the new shades-34, 35 and 38. 34 is a light but bright pinky shade, 35 is a purple based pink and 38 is a peach toned nude. 38 is definitely the most wearable. 35 really does come across quite purple so I would need to pair it with a cooler toned blush. It looked a bit strange when I tried it on for this lip swatch because I was wearing a coral blush, a blue toned pink would definitely go better.

I also picked up one of the new Rimmel 'Oh My Gloss' lip glosses (£5.49 here), which although I haven't thoroughly tested yet, should be nice and moisturising because they contain argan oil. I chose a sheer baby pink shade called 'Glossaholic'. I think I would more likely wear this very sheer shade over a lipstick or lip liner rather than on its own. I'm not generally a lip gloss lover but these have had some rave reviews and so far, it seems non-sticky and moisturising, so we'll see how it goes.

There was a 3 for 2 across various bath and body products and skincare so first I picked up a backup of Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub (£8 here). I kid you not, this stuff smells so good (super zingy lime) that I could not bare to be without it. Secondly, I got a backup of my Simple kind to eyes balm (£3.99 here). Again I'm running low and this is a great basic eye cream that just moisturises the eye area and isn't too heavy. I enjoy it for using in the morning before applying my makeup. Thirdly I picked up the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body spray (£4 here) to match the rest of the range I have. I'm not normally into body sprays because they last very long but I love the smell of this line so much that I don't mind spraying it often to keep the scent going. It will also last longer when I layer the products in the line.

Finally, I picked up the Boots essentials nail polish remover (£1 here). I normally use the Cutex brand but I wanted to see how this cheaper alternative compares. A huge 250ml bottle for £1 is good value if it turns out to be good.

Have you tried any of these products? What have you treated yourself to with your advantage points?

Em x