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Monday, 18 May 2015

10 Higher End Make Up Products That Are Worth the Price Tag

Much of the make up I own comes from 'drugstore' brands. You really can get some great products int he aisles of Boots and Superdrug these days, but there are also some higher end products that I really love...


1. Urban Decay 24/7 lip liners. These are the best things ever for making your lippy stay put. I outline my lips and completely fill them in, them top it with a lipstick. The liners leaves a slightly tacky finish on the lips, which seems to give my lippy something to cling to. When the lipstick does wear off, the liner is left underneath and lasts for hours, so I just quickly top up the lipstick itself. You can of course get plenty of nice lip liners from cheaper brands but they just don't last the same. You can find them for £12.50 here.

2. MAC's lipstick range is much talked about in the beauty world. For me, their strength is their huge choice of shades and finishes, there really is something for everyone. They are on the pricey side at £15.50 (find them here via Debenhams) but for me they are a treat item I pick up every now and then. You can read about the 5 I now own in this post.

3. Urban Decay lipsticks are such a nice formula, super creamy, pigmented and long lasting. My favourite shade is 'Naked', which is a nude pink. I love it so much I wore it on my wedding day back in 2013. You can find them here via Debenhams for £15.50 each.


4. Clinique cheek pop blushes have a special place in my makeup bag. They have an almost matte finish but with a slight glow to it, without being shimmery-hard to describe! But it's a gorgeous finish for oily skinned girls who don't want to look flat but at the same time want to avoid adding extra shine/ greasy looking products. They're not that expensive as higher end blushes go either, at £16.50 each here.

5. Illamasqua blushes are pricey but they are nicely pigmented, last a long time on the skin and you need very little product on your brush so they last forever. I like their shade range, too. You can find them on the Illamasqua website with free delivery here for £21.50. I lucked out a few months back and managed to pick some up for a bargainous £10 each from ASOS.

6. TheBalm blushers and bronzers cost more than 'drugstore' brands but generally speaking they are reasonably priced as far as higher end brands a way they are sort of in between the two but I thought I'd include them anyway because I love them. They're nicely pigmented and blendable and last forever. My favourites are the 'Fratboy' blush (£15.49 here), 'Downboy' blush (£15.49 here) and 'Bahama Mama' bronzer (£14.99 here), all via Superdrug. I'd love to try their famous highlighter, 'Mary Lou-Manizer' (£17.49 here).


7. Urban Decay eye shadows. I'm saying this in general rather than a specific shade or palette. All the ones I've tried are amazingly pigmented and so nice to blend. My top picks would by the orginal Naked palette (£38 here) and if you like a bit of sparkle, the Moondust eye shadow range (£14 each here). You will get the most amount of product for your money by buying palettes, which work out far cheaper per eye shadow than buying singles.

8. The Too Faced eye shadow palettes are well worth the money if you like your eye shadows. My favourites are the 'Natural Eyes' (£32 here) and 'Chocolate Bar' (£39 here) palettes, which are both neutral and amazingly versatile. They are super pigmented and such good quality. Although they are on the pricey side, you are getting a lot of product for your money by buying a palette rather than single eye shadows and you will get a lot of use out of them.

9. The MAC 217 brush is hands down the best eye shadow brush ever. It's multifunctional in that I can use it to wash a shadow across my eye, for applying a crease shade and for blending. It also lasts for years if you look after it so it's well worth the money. You can find it here for £19.

10. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion is THE best eye shadow primer in my opinion, particularly for those of you with slightly more oily skin. It makes eye shadows more vibrant and without fail stops creasing and fading. AMAZING. You can find it here for £16 or a travel size version for £8 here, which is ideal for trying it out.

Which higher end make up do you think is worth the price tag?

Em x