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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm Review and Comparison: Pot vs Stick

Nuxe Reve de Miel is my favourite ever lip balm. I've been using the pot version for maybe about a year now and I've got through about 3 of them I reckon. As you can see, I'm not far from finished with my current one. I apply it morning and night and it is soooooo moisturising. It has a very thick creamy consistency but also a strange semi-matte finish on the lips, which might make you think it's not as moisturising as it really is. However, it makes it great for using underneath more drying lipsticks as it doesn't make the lippy slide about like a more slippery feeling balm would. When I put it on before bed, I can still feel the remnants of it on my lips when I wake up. Holy grail product right there.

I recently realised when out and about that that I didn't have a plain old lip balm in my handbag. I don't like putting a glass pot in my bag, firstly because it's breakable and secondly because it's not very hygenic to keep shoving my fingers in there. It's far easier to use it with clean hands at home, where I have easy access to a tap.After coming to this realisation, I added the stick version of Reve de Miel to my basket on when I was stocking up on skincare essentials. I thought I'd tell you how it compares to the pot.

Firstly you are getting a LOT more product in the pot version, which contains 15g as opposed to the 4g you get in the stick. Having said that, there is a bit of a price difference, with the pot's full price being £9.50 (here) and the stick's being £5.50 (here). That said, I never pay full price for it because I stock up on the pot when there's a discount code floating around the internet for

Having used the pot version, the first time I tried out the stick it seemed pretty waxy and didn't apply too well. I think it has improved with use-it was like there was a top layer I had to break through to get a better consistency. However, it is nowhere near as moisturising as the pot. Of course it has to be a different consistency to be able to be produced in stick form. However, considering the price of it, I would rather stick to an ordinary cheap lip balm like Nivea or something from Boots/ Superdrug as far as a stick to throw in my handbag goes. I'll use this one up, it's ok, but there are actually cheaper 'drugstore' ones I've had in the past that I far prefer.

In conclusion...despite having to stick my finger in it, which is not my preferred method of application, I prefer the pot by a mile!

Have you tried the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balms? What do you think of them?

Em x