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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter: Breathe

I have been meaning to pick up Makeup Revolution's 'Radiant Lights' highlighter in the shade 'breathe' for a while but couldn't find it in my local Superdrug. Although they have a revolution stand, they don't carry this particular product. I ordered some skincare essentials I needed to replace from the Superdrug website and added this to my basket, although it was the only makeup item I bought. You know you've got a problem when you internally give yourself a pat on the back for managing to only buy 1 makeup item! haha.

Anyway, onto the product...

I have been preferring to use blushes with a slight glow to them recently. When I say slight glow, I mean slight because as an oily skinned girl, I can't deal with shimmer all over my face, it just makes me look more oily. I own a lot of matte blushes because I went through a phase of liking everything completely matte so I was looking for a subtle powder highlighter to pair with them. I had a few highlighters but none of them subtle enough. I only use stronger highlighters for evening wear. I saw someone mention this on youtube (I'm not sure who) and say it was quite a subtle highlight that wasn't too strong for every day.

It comes in a nice mirrored compact and yes I would completely agree that it gives a subtle highlight. It's sort of a dark champagne type shade which means it doesn't stand out too much against my skin tone. It's also not overly shimmery and blends out to a subtle glow on my cheekbones. If you like dewy skin, you could probably dust this lightly all over your face for a bit of an all over glow I would imagine, as it wouldn't be too much.

So all in all, it was exactly what I was after and I think it was a bit of a bargain for £6 (get it here)! 

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights highlighters? What do you think?

Em x