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Friday, 10 April 2015

DIY New Baby/ Christening Gift

I was looking for some more unusual gift ideas for a Christening we're going to soon and I ended up hunting pinterest (p.s. you can follow me here). I found a variety of personalised pictures made from buttons in box frames. I decided to turn it into a little project and this is how...

I looked for a printable letter R (the little boy's initial) that I liked on pinterest and found this one. I printed it out, trimmed it down and intended to start sticking things on but found the outline a little too bold so I actually ended up tracing it onto another piece of paper just to get a finer outline that was easier to cover, as you can see below.

I then started sticking on my buttons and other crafty bits. I bought some packets of blue buttons from one of my favourite places to buy craft materials, The Works. I bought thesethese, these and these (the 4th pack are mixed colours but contain some blue) as well as these scrapbooking papers so I could back the white paper. I also threw in some things that were already in my craft stash. It took a while to stick everything down do this as I spent time experimenting with placement to see what looked best before gluing it down. I used UHU which is a multi-purpose glue but you can use whichever crafting glue you have to hand.

Once it was complete, I cut a piece of patterned paper down to fit the frame and layered my letter on top, using double sided tape to stick it down.

Finally, I placed this into a box frame that I got from Amazon here. You need a deeper, box style frame because with the buttons being 3D they will not fit into a normal, flat picture frame. They can be really expensive but the one I found was actually pretty reasonable compared to what they can cost. If you're near to an Ikea they actually have them for £3.50 (called 'Ribba') but it wasn't worth me driving all the way there just for that.

I did spend a few pounds on materials so it wasn't amazingly cheap. However, something home made and one of a kind is always really appreciated in my experience. I've also got lots of the materials left over, which I will use for other craft projects.

I was very happy with how it turned out, what do you think?

Em x