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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Why Do you Wear Makeup?

This might seem like a bit of an odd question for someone who blogs about the stuff to ask, but I realised the other day that my attitude to makeup has changed over the years so I thought I'd address it.

I once met a teenage girl who informed me that she needed her (pretty extreme) fake eyelashes, (heavy) foundation and red lippy to look pretty. I found this really saddening...I mean surely makeup should be for enhancing your beauty rather than being something we solely rely on for confidence. Teenage girls look to celebrities in magazines for style inspiration...only what the magazines fail to tell them is that those pictures have been seriously airbrushed.

Saying this, I have a confession to make...there was a time when I was afraid to leave the house without makeup. In my late teens through to my early twenties, my skin was quite spotty and I felt like I HAD to cover it up. It wasn't until I got together with my now husband at the age of 21 that my attitude began to change. It seemed like a big deal for him to see me without makeup for the first time, but being the lovely man that he is, he reassured me that a few spots didn't matter to him and these days, quite frankly, I couldn't care less.

Don't get me wrong, I do like wearing make up (hence a lot of the content of this blog). I wear a full face of it for work every day because it helps me feel more put together. I love to get glammed up with a nice smokey eye and a bit of sparkle for evenings out. It's nice to know that my husband appreciates the effort I make when he comments on my make up. However, I also enjoy having a chilled day with nothing on my face. I often do this on a Sunday, when we often just go for a walk and keep things really relaxed.

So....why do I wear makeup? because I feel like it enhances my facial features, makes me feel more put together and makes me feel a bit more glamorous when I want it to. I do it for me, not anyone else, and because I feel like it enhances my face (rather than makes it). I feel like I have a much more healthy attitude to it these days. Being afraid to leave the house without it just doesn't seem right.

What are your thoughts on this? Why do you wear makeup?

Em x