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Monday, 2 March 2015

The Unmentioned Essentials: Makeup and Beauty Tools

There are some makeup tools that I have used for years that are amazing yet don't seem to get a mention on the blog so I thought it was time to fix it :-) I'm not mentioning makeup brushes here because I think they qualify for a post of their own, which I may do soon.

I love the Mister Mascara tweezers and eyelash curlers. Not many people seem to have heard of the brand but I really think their beauty accessories are underrated. The lash curlers come with quite a few of the little cushion thingies (what is their technical name? lol), meaning that the curlers last a long time. I am not exaggerating when I say that I've had the tweezers for about 10 years and they have stayed sharp all that time. They also come with a mini-me version that I like to keep in the makeup bag I carry around with me. You never know when you will discover an annoying stray eyebrow hair! The bonus is, that both of them are very reasonably priced, too. They are available on for £6.50 (lash curlers here) and £6.95 (tweezers here). They are also available on Amazon, where the tweezrs are a mere £3.98 here. I know that people rave about Tweezerman tweezers but honestly when these have lasted me 10 years and are still going, I'm more than happy to stick with them!

Next is the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. Firstly, please excuse the dirty one in the picture but I'm being real gets used....a LOT. It's something I use every time I wear liquid foundation and/ or concealer and I therefore own 3...what can I say I don't want to be washing 1 every day. I like to apply my foundation with a buffing type brush but sometimes I find this can leave brush marks or my foundation isn't quite as worked into the skin as I'd like. I quickly pat this over my face and it just makes it look so much better. I also really like it for blending in concealer-I use the pointed end for under my eyes and the flat side for anywhere else on my face. It costs £5.99 full price from Boots/ Superdrug/ lots of places online or it's currently £4.99 from Amazon here.

A wide toothed comb is a must for my long hair when I have washed it. Some people like to use the tangle teezer, but for wet hair I prefer something with the teeth further apart, which is less likely to cause damage when the hair is wet. It also detangles quickly without the pain. The one I use was a recent find in home bargains and cost something ridiculous....I want to say 79p. If you can't find that one, I also like the Tresemme one, which I used to own before it had an accident involving my foot lol. 

Speaking of the tangle teezer, I do own it and I like that it is compact for travel, but for everyday use at home, I have come to prefer something with a handle like the Michael Mercier detangling brush. Their uniquely designed brush is made up of 428 bristles all positioned in 32 different heights and 16 different diameters. It really combs through my tangly hair (and I have a lot of it). I feel like the Michael Mercier one is better if you have thick hair because there are 3 different variants of the brush, for thin, normal and thick hair. I own the blue one, which is for thick hair. I feel like it's better for actually getting through all of the layers of hair, whereas the tangle teezer is sometimes only brushing the surface. It's not that easy to find online (I found mine at TK Maxx) but this ebay seller has all 3 variants for £12.99 with free P+P.

What are your unmentioned makeup and beauty essentials?

Em x