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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day thoughts

As today is Valentine's day, I thought I'd share my thoughts...

Me and my husband do acknowledge it but I must say that I think it's very over-hyped and commercialised. We gave each other some (little) gifts and cards this morning. Since I love to bake and do crafty things, I also treated him to a home made chocolate cake and hand made his card. Neither of us spent a fortune because we just don't feel like it's necessary.

Tonight, we will be having a home made curry (made by hubby) and curling up on the couch with a blanket, a few DVDs and a bottle of wine. We do enjoy going out for a meal every now and then but we had a bit of an awkward experience a few years ago when he took me out for a meal on Valentine's evening. The restaurant had crammed in as many tables for two as they could so that we all ended up squashed together. It was one of those awkward situations where you feel like you're sitting so close to each other that everyone else can hear every word you say....hardly romantic! Since then, we have stayed in. There was one year while we were both living with parents when hubby took over his parent's 2nd living room and set out a table with flowers, candles etc. He cooked me a lovely meal and I thought it was so sweet that he'd gone to the trouble-to me this meant more than just paying for someone else to cook at a restaurant.

Big gestures and being taken to swanky places can be nice when you're first together, but by the time you've been together for nearly 6 and a half years like us, the little things someone does for you are just more important. If you ask me, you shouldn't need it to be valentine's day to show someone how much they mean to you or tell them how much you love them (we tell each other all the time). The little things hubby does like getting out of bed to make me a cup of tea when he doesn't need to get up for another half an hour show that he cares.

Then there's the issue of how the day can make single people feel. All the commercialisation seems to result in some feeling down about it because they didn't receive gifts or weren't taken on a swanky date, which shouldn't be the case. I can honestly say that it never bothered me one bit when I was single on Valentine's. I was perfectly happy as I was and so should you be. I didn't see any reason to actually want to be in a relationship unless I met someone I wanted to be in a relation ship with, so I never really understood girls around me who were desperate for a boyfriend. I really believe that if you can't be a happy person on your own, you won't be happy in a relationship. It's not healthy to solely rely on a boyfriend/ girlfriend to make you happy. A romantic relationship should be a nice added extra to your life, not a necessity. If you're meant to meet someone, you will when the time is right.

My final point is that there is nothing stopping you making Valentine's day about treating yourself or spending time with other people that you love, it doesn't have to be about someone you're romantically involved with. If you don't have a traditional valentine, then why not spend some quality time with someone else who's important in you life or have a pamper evening?

To sum up my thoughts, I would say if you're in a relationship then enjoy the day but don't get caught up in all the hype and make sure to let your other half know how much they mean to you throughout the year, not just on one day. If you're not romantically involved, don't worry abut it and just enjoy spending time with those you love.

What do you think about Valentine's Day?

Em x