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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish eye shadows

I've owned one of these Revolution ' Awesome Metals' foil finish eye shadows for a while, but I recently picked up a second, in the shade 'pure platinum'. They are amazingly metallic and so pretty. I like to apply matte eye shadows first and then use these for a 'pop' of metallic gorgeousness on the lid. They are a cream formula but not your typical cream. The texture is difficult to describe; it almost has a slightly bouncy feel to it.

The shadows come with a liquid eye primer and a little mixing tray (clearly 'inspired' by the Stila Magnificent Metals foil finish eye shadows). The idea is that you put a little of the primer onto the tray then a little of the shadow, mix it and apply. Personally, I find that this sheers out the pigment, even with just 1 drop of the primer, so it depends on the look I'm going for on whether I use the primer. I'd do that more if I wanted to wear them during the day, because it turns the finish more into a shimmer than foil. For a more dramatic look, I like to just pat it on straight from the pot using my finger. Used this way, they can be slightly chunky but I find that the best way is just to carry on patting to smooth them out. I always use an eye primer/ base like the Urban Decay primer potion under all of my shadows, but find that these last just as well as any other eye shadow, powder included. That's pretty good going for a cream.

At £5, I think these are a bit of a bargain, especially considering the price of the Stila version!

Have you tried Revolution's Awesome Metals eye shadows? What do you think?

Em x