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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Makeup Revolution: The £6 Blush Palette

I've thought about picking this palette up for a while but had yet to find it on stock at my local Superdrug, until Saturday, when they seemed to have freshly re-stocked the stand. I know you can order online, but sometimes it's nice to be able to swatch products and see them in real life, you know?

Anyway, I picked up Makeup Revolution's blush palette in the shade 'sugar and spice', which is the more pink of the two shades available (the other is more peachy, I believe). The packaging is sleek, black and glossy and the palette also contains a large mirror. It costs a whopping (I jest, of course) £6 for 8 shades so each blush works out at an amazing 75p! All of the shades have a nice, smooth texture and blend nicely so I don't think you can go wrong for £6. They are all well pigmented and actually I find that on my fair skin, I have to be quite careful that I don't apply too much. I usually pick it up on my brush and gently tap it off on the back of my hand before applying.

You can see in the swatches above that the top row has a couple of more neutral, pink/ brown type shades (perfect for when you wear a smokey eye or bold lip and just want a touch of colour to liven up your cheeks without it clashing), a 'doll' pink and a lilac/pink toned highlight shade that goes well with pink blushes. The bottom row has some darker, more berry type pinks, a coral shade and a shimmery medium pink. The majority of the shades are more on the matte/ satin side, which I generally like in blushes. As someone with oily skin, I think that the only way I'll use the shimmery pink blush shade is by mixing it with one of the more matte shades so I end up with a slightly glowy shade that isn't overly shimmery. I  would also say that the two shades on the left of the bottom row are quite similar on, although the one on the left is slightly more plummy. Honestly, I think they could have replaced one of them with a different shade, but for the price, I'm not complaining!

Overall, I'm glad I picked this palette up and I can see it becoming something that I reach for regularly. It's very good value and well pigmented, although as mentioned above, I do have to be careful about how much I apply. If you have a deeper skin tone, I think these would work nicely on you too, except for maybe the lighter pink shimmer, which to me is more a highlight for fair-medium skin.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution blush palettes? What do you think?

Em x