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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Ice Cream Loaf

I recently saw this recipe on Nouvelle Daily and instantly knew I had to try it. I couldn't believe that ice cream bread was a 'thing', but it really is. It's amazing that it actually works but the trick is that the fat and sugar in the ice cream replace the fat and sugar you would normally use in a cake recipe. Since the recipe is in cups, I used my favourite set of pink measuring cups to measure everything out (these are a handy thing to have, particularly if you look at American recipes online, which are normally measured in cups).

You will need:

2 cups of full fat ice-cream-any flavour but it does need to be full fat
1 1/2 cups self-raising flower
Chocolate chips (I used about half a cup. Nouvelle's recipe said 1/3, but it's up to you).
A 'splosh' (yes that is a technical term haha but I didn't measure it) of vanilla extract (this is optional)

Step One: let the 2 cups of ice cream melt a little bit until you can stir it with a spoon (I just left it sitting out in a mixing bowl for about 10/ 15 minutes and that did the trick). I used Cornish ice cream in this case to add a stronger vanilla flavour. Add the vanilla extract if you want to here and mix it in.

Step two: Add the flour gradually and mix it in. I started out by using a spoon but as it got thicker I switched to just using my hands, since it makes a bread dough consistency. It did seem like the mixture was too dry at one stage but just keep mixing and eventually it will all stick together.

Step three: Add the chocolate chips and use your hands to knead them into the dough.

Step four: Transfer the mixture into a loaf tin that is either greased or lined. I used some tin liners that I picked up from Home Bargains-these are really handy because you don't have to faff about greasing tins or cutting greaseproof paper to the right size. Nouvelle's recipe said to bake it at 180 degrees but I used gas mark 5 on my oven and popped it in for about 40 minutes.

I was really happy with how this turned out and let's just say that is disappeared very quickly! I'm excited to try this with other flavours of ice cream, I think chocolate with chocolate chips is going to be my next experiment :-)

What do you think? Em x