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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Getting Crafty: Handmade Mother's Day Cards

As a kid, I loved doing crafty things (some things never change) and my mum no doubt has a little collection of my projects I gave to her. I know that she definitely has a stash of paper bead jewellery I used to make using a craft set I had, I'm not sure of the brand but it was similar to this one on Amazon. I was a little obsessed haha...did anyone else have one of these?

Anyway, I really believe that Mums appreciate something home made, even when you're an adult. I love to make her hand made cards because it requires much more thought and effort than just walking into a shop and buying one. Being married now, I have two mums for me to make cards for. Mother's Day in the UK is only a couple of weeks away now (Sunday 15th March), so I thought I would get going on some cards and these are what I came up with...

I made the first card using the Fizzy Moon 'Birthday Wishes' decoupage pad. I bought it from Wilkinsons but they don't seem to have it on the website. You can check in store or it is available on ebay here. Athough it's technically for birthdays, I felt that the decoupage design I used from it would be suitable for a number of occasions, Mother's Day included. It comes with a mixture of die cut designs and beautiful papers with glitter detail, which I layered for interest. I cut out the heart from the papers using a heart shaped punch. For the folded design, I used a double sided paper from the pad and simply folded over the corners and stuck them down with sticky pads. Finally, I added some other embellishments from my craft stash.

For the second, I used the Dovecraft 'tea party' decoupage pad and matching papers, which I bought a little while ago from The Works website. You can find them here and here. Again, I used other embellishments I already had in my craft stash and the heart punch. I decided to also use the folded design for this card, but this time I stuck two sheets of paper together to create a double sided paper since the ones in this paper pack are all single sided.

I love how these turned out. I really like mixing different patterned papers while still matching them using a colour scheme.

What do you think? Will you be hand making your mum's mother's day card this year?

Em x