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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Using oils on oily skin

What?! Oil?! On oily skin?! Yes, that's what I thought, too, when I first read about this product. Clarins Lotus oil is a facial oil that is actually designed for oily or combination skin (I have the latter-the usual oily t zone and more normal cheeks). I've been using it for a while now. When I first bought it, I enjoyed using it as a once or twice a week skin treat. However, with the colder weather, I've really got into using it in place of an evening moisturiser.

So...what does it do for my skin? Well firstly, it seems to balance it in that it makes the oily areas less oily (who would have thought?) and hydrates the drier areas of my face. I don't claim to be a skincare expert but having read a bit about this online, it began to make more sense. If you strip the oil from your skin, it will feel the need to produce more and more of its own oil to replenish itself. Providing it with nourishment in the form of an oil does the opposite-it is nourished and therefore doesn't need to produce as much of its own oil. For me, it also seems to help blemishes clear up more quickly. I still use a spot treatment, but afterwards I used to find that this could leave a little dry patch. Using an oil eliminates that problem and seems to help marks to fade more quickly-my skin scars quite easily so anything that helps is amazing!

You only need the smallest amount of it, too, so this bottle is going to last such a long time even if you use it every night. It has a nifty little dropper inside the lid which makes it so much less messy than an oil could be. I put about 5 drops into the palm of my hand then rub my hands together and pat it into my skin. I smooth anything that's left on my hands onto my neck.

I can't fail to mention the smell. It's literally like having a little aromatherapy session before bed. I even like to cup my hands over my face and really breathe the scent in once I've patted it onto my face. It's so relaxing before you go to sleep!

I would definitely keep this to evening use because it would be too heavy for during the day when I'm usually wearing make up, but I genuinely feel like it's doing my skin some good! You can find it anywhere you can buy Clarins for £32. It seems quite pricey for 30ml but I don't mind when it lasts so long and you can often get discounts on it online, which is what I did. have 20.15% off everything at the moment with the code ESCENTUAL2015 and you can find the oil here.

Have you tried any facial oils for oily skin? What did you think? Are there any you would recommend?

Em x