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Thursday, 1 January 2015

How To: Beauty De-clutter

January is the time for Spring cleaning and your make up and beauty products are no exception. I've recently had a clear out myself so thought I would share my tips...

Clean your brushes. We know we should be doing this anyway but personally I seem to slip with it over the festive season when everything has been so busy. For spot cleaning day to day, I like the MAC brush cleaner but for a deeper clean, I like to use Dr Bronner's soap. If there's anything really stubborn that won't come out, a tiny amount of olive oil does the trick. Just wash it out with the soap afterwards to avoid it ending up on your face.

Give your palettes a clean up. Palettes have a habit of getting messy so I like to give them a wipe between the products to get rid of excess powder etc. A make up wipe or a damp cloth does the job.

Throw out old products. Powder products you can afford to keep for a long time as they don't carry bacteria or change consistency the way that liquids and creams do. Generally speaking, I don't like having foundations or lip glosses for more than about 12 months, 6 months for mascaras because your eyes are particularly sensitive and prone to infection. Keep lookout for any changes in consistency or scent that might show you that a product is past its best.

Downsize. I like to go through my make up and other beauty products and decide if there's anything I'm not likely to use, whether that's because it didn't suit me, wasn't the right shade or I just didn't like it. I normally pass those things to a family member to try if it's in good condition.I wouldn't pass on things like mascaras and lipglosses with a wand applicator because they're not very sanitary to be sharing. For powders and lipsticks, you can also clean them with something like BeautySoClean spray or alcohol if you want to. My mum, sister and I wouldn't mind if each other had used something a few times because we're close family but it's obviously up to you and your family/ friends how happy you are about sharing products.

Organise. You're more likely to use everything you have if it's organised. Personally I have an everyday make up bag that contains the things I'm currently using most. Everything else is organised into categories e.g. blush, bronzers/ highlighters, eye shadow, lipstick etc. This makes it easy to find what I'm looking for and therefore to use it. I have the acrylic drawers from Muji that everyone else on the internet seems to have but they work really well for me. I use a large letter holder for palettes and the Cosmetic cups from Interdesign to store my make up brushes and lip and eye liners. You can find those here and here. It all sits on top of my chest of drawers. I must admit that I dream of a glamorous dressing table but for now I don't really have the space so this is a practical way I can store my stash without taking up any extra floor space.

Have you got any tips on make up organisation and de-cluttering?

Em x