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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Cargo Vintage Escape and Let's Meet in Paris palettes

If you read my recent post abut these Cargo palettes appearing on the Fragrance Direct website, you will know that I was considering buying them. I ended up ordering both for a bargainous £12.99 each (the full price is £35 each). They have now gone up to £19.99 on Fragrance Direct as their sale has finished but even so, they're still a bargain, especially when the Let's Meet in Paris palette is still being sold on the Debenhams website for the full £35.

First, we have the vintage escapes palette, which is the more neutral of the two. The packaging has a nice leather type finish which feels like it will last well since you could easily wipe it clean if it gets grubby in your makeup bag.The shade names are Autumn themed. 

The lightest 2 shades, Harvest Moon and Crisp, are barely visible in the swatches above but that is because they are so similar to my skin tone. I did the swatches on the inside of my arm, which is slightly paler than my face, so I know that I could easily use these as highlight shades and for blending things out. Withered leaves is an interesting shade because although its green, it's somehow still quite neutral-it's almost like it has a touch of brown in it which makes it more wearable. The palette has a mix of shimmer and matte shades and the pigmentation is great. The shadows have a nice, creamy texture and are easy to work with. All of the swatches you see in this post are on bare skin with no base so you can see what the shadows are like on their own. I think I'll get a lot of use from this palette.

Secondly is the Let's Meet in Paris palette. I love the design on the packaging of this one, although it's perhaps not as long wearing as the Vintage Escapes palette. This is more colourful palette of the two, although it does still have some neutral shades, meaning that you can mix colour and neutrals to make them more wearable. 

Although I've got no complaints about the pigmentation, some of the shades that have glitter in them such as the dark green, dark purple and black are slightly more dry in texture than the others. These would benefit from a slightly tacky base underneath them such as a MAC paint pot or a Maybelline eye tattoo etc, to make sure they really stick to the skin.Something I do wish about this one is that 1 or 2 more of the shades were matte because I like to combine different finishes, ususally putting a matte shade into my crease. The shadows in this palette are mostly shimmers and glitters and there is only really 1 matte shade, which is the shade baguette on the far left bottom row. Adding some more mattes would make it even better in my opinion.

Overall, though, I think this is a great palette for people who like a smokey eye and want to add a bit of colour into the mix. This is how I would wear more colourful eye shadow-it's much more wearable in the form of a smoky eye. I imagine that I will mostly use this for nights out etc but I do think you could get a day time look from it, too, if you wanted to.

Both of the palettes come with quite a nice double ended brush, with a standard flat eye shadow brush on one end and an angled brush on the other. I think the flat side could be a bit more stiff/ sturdy  to enable you to really pack on the colour with it but it's not one of those useless brushes that normally comes in palettes and is nice and soft. I could definitely use it if I had nothing else to hand.

You can find both of the palettes here for £19.99.

Have you tried any Cargo eye palettes? What do you think? 

Em x