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Friday, 30 January 2015

A Boots Beyonce Bargain

Although mostly sold out online, there are definitely some January sale bargains still be had in Boots stores! My local store, which is quite a large one on a retail park, had a LOT of these sets left when I popped in a couple of days ago, along with quite a lot of other perfume and aftershave gift sets. The slightly cheaper. celebrity type fragrances had 70% off.

This set of Beyonce perfumes comes with a set of 4 10ml EDP sprays that are ideal for carrying around with me. I love a good mini for my handbag. I of course like more expensive/ luxurious perfumes (Marc Jacobs, I'm looking at you!) but I don't always want to carry around something expensive in case of breakage or feeling like I'm wasting it spritzing away at work (I work with kids...I'm sure they don't care what I smell like lol). Sometimes even if I spray on a more expensive perfume in the morning, I will top up with something cheaper later in the day. Alternatively, if you're looking for a a budget friendly perfume to buy, these are a good bet. They worked out at a whole £8.40 for the set/ £2.10 per tube with the 70% off, so they ticked all the boxes.

Across the 4, there is a good range of scents. Pulse is a fresh, citrus/ vanilla scent, heat rush is a juicy, Summery, fruity one, Rise is a musky, floral type of scent (which for some reason reminds me of something from Lush, although I can't place what ) and Heat is a fruity number with a bit of musk thrown in, but isn't too heavy.

Have you tried Beyonce's perfumes? Do you have the same attitude to wearing expensive perfumes at work? Are there any slightly cheaper fragrances that you like?

Em x