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Thursday, 22 January 2015

15 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. If you have wavy hair like mine, this is my favourite way to style it...rough dry it then sleep with your hair twisted into a bun. If you want to you can add a product to give it some hold first, but my hair doesn't need it. It just brings out the waves/ curls when you take it down in the morning. I sleep with my hair in a bun most nights for this reason.

2. Did you know that most people actually use hair pins (or bobby pins/  hair grips, whatever you want to call them) upside down? Most people put them into the hair with the wavy side facing upwards. In fact, they're meant to be used wavy side down as it that side gives better grip.

3. You can also put your hair grips on a piece of kitchen towel and spray them with hairspray if you still have trouble with them staying in your hair-the slightly sticky pins will stay much better!

 4. If you run out of shave gel, slather hair conditioner on your legs. It works a treat because it gives plenty of slip, resulting in a nice close shave.

5. If your nail polish is beginning to chip and you don't have time to completely re-do it, add some sparkle. Adding a glitter covers up any chips and helps you to get another day or two from your manicure.

6. Make nail polish dry faster by soaking your fingers in cold water.

7. Keep your lipstick off your teeth by putting your finger in your mouth and pulling it out like you're making a popping noise-the excess that would have been on your teeth will come off onto your finger instead.

8. For fuller looking lips, pop a bit of a light shimmery eye shadow or cheek highlighter in the centre of your lips, over your lipstick.

9. Got mascara on your face makeup or eye shadow? Leave it to dry then just swipe it away with a cotton bud-it should just flick off instead of smudging around and making a mess, like it would do if you tried to clean it up when wet.

10. Use a light coloured eye liner to on the inner rims of your eyes to make you look awake no matter how tired you are. I like the Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in the shade nude.

11. Another trick for looking more awake-apply a light shimmery eye shadow around the inner corners of your eyes. This makes my eyes look so much brighter.

12. Use an old toothbrush to clean out the filter of your hairdryer.

13. Create your own leave in conditioner by diluting your normal conditioner (around 1 part conditioner to 3 parts water) in a spray bottle.

14. Hand cream works well for de-frizzing hair-rub the majority into your hands then lightly smooth your hands over your hair with the remnants. Just don't go over board to avoid a greasy mess.

15. If you have trouble applying eye liner, colour in the edge opposite to the plastic cushion on your eyelash curler. When you curl your lashes, a perfect line of eye liner will be left behind on your lid.

Do you have any other beauty hacks you think I should know?

Em x