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Monday, 22 December 2014

theBalm cheek products

One product that I've been using almost daily recently is theBalm's Fratboy blush, which appeared in my November make up favourites post here. It got me thinking about the fact that all of the cheek products I've tried drom the brand are really good quality and never fail me. I thought they deserved a blog post of their own!

As well as Fratboy (the perfect matte pinky peach), I have Downboy (a medium cool toned pink), Hot Mamma (a peach with gold shimmer) and Bahama Mamma (a cool toned bronzer ideal for contouring). As you can see from the swatches below, they are all really well pigmented. They also blend nicely and last really well on my oily skin, which can't be said for all cheek products. Price wise, I feel like theBalm are in between 'drugstore' and 'high end' prices (blushes etc are around the £13-£16 mark) so they're reasonably affordable in comparison to some other brands. You can get them from websites likes and ASOS. com where there are regular discount codes, bringing them further down towards drugstore price.

Left to right: Fratboy, Hot Mama, Downboy, Bahama Mama
Next on my wishlist is the 'Mary Lou Manizer' highlighter (which seems to be all over the internet at the moment) and I'm also thinking that I might give some of their eye shadows a try at some point because I've only tried cheek products so far. Let me know below if there's anything in particular you'd recommend!

What do you think of theBalm's products?

Em x