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Monday, 1 December 2014

Smashbox On the Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette

When I came across this palette in Boots, my first thought was what a lovely Christmas gift it would make. As you can see from the box, it's £29 but has a value of £100 taking into account the individual price of the shadows so it seemed like a pretty good deal. I didn't really need any more eye shadow palettes, but I NEEDED it (you know what I'm taking about, girls) so I bought it with my Boots points. Technically it was free to me so that doesn't count, right?! haha. 

Firstly, I love the design on the lid of the palette-it's silver but has that rainbow look to it, a lot like the shiny side of a CD.

Inside, you get a good sized mirror and 12 eye shadow shades, including neutrals and jewel tones.  It was the jewel tones that really drew me to it because I thought they'd be great for the Christmas party season. They are arranged really nicely with a large 'diamond' in the centre. It's just a bit different from anything else I've seen and makes it look a bit more special. The names of the shades are on a clear plastic sheet rather than on the palette, which I know annoys some people, but honestly it's not a huge issue as far as I'm concerned. 

The shadows are mostly well pigmented but the stars of the show are definitely the more jewel toned/ metallic shades like 'Sapphires', 'Midnight Emerald', 'Nutmeg' and 'Obsidian'. They are also the most buttery. They look particularly amazing and metallic over a black base (I have tried them over Maybelline's eye tattoo). If I was to choose one then Nutmeg would be the winner-you literally touch the shadow and it gives an amazing swatch.

You will see in the photos below that opus and vanilla don't show up a great deal on my skin because they almost match the colour of my skin. I actually really like shades like that for helping to blend out bolder colours and I'm glad they included them considering the bolder shades that are included. Having said that, I don't think they are as smooth or buttery as the jewel tones. 

The shade blacktop is disappointing in pigmentation. However, a super pigmented black can be quite difficult to work with so I don't mind this having a little less pigment than the others- I'd rather this was less pigmented than any of the other shades were because I feel like it will make it easier to blend with other shades just to deepen them up a bit without it taking over. Confectionette also isn't as impressive as it could have been, but it is buildable or works well used wet.

Left to Right: Bourbon, Chianti, Confectionette, Midnight Emerald

Left to right: Blacktop, Opus, Mist, Obsidian

Left to right: Coronation, Vanilla, Sapphires, Nutmeg
It's actually the first time I've tried anything from Smashbox so I thought a palette was a good way to try it out (aka justifying yet another eye shadow palette haha). Overall, I like the texture and pigmentation of the majority of the shades. There are a couple that are not so good and could definitely be improved but I can work with them. I will be using it to do some pretty, jewel toned smokey eyes over the festive season, especially with the blue and green.

What do you think? Em x