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Sunday, 21 December 2014

My party bag essentials

I haven't posted on this blog for around a week which is unusual for me but I've been so busy lately with Christmas and fitting everything in around work. I'm finished for Christmas now so I finally got the opportunity to finish this post, which has been sitting there half done for a while. It being the Christmas party season, I thought it would be fitting to share my party clutch bag essentials. Other than the obvious phone and keys, we have...

Mini purse
My everyday purse is HUGE because that's how I like it but I carry a mini one in my clutch with some cash, 1 card and ID (yes, I still get asked for ID at the age of 27....score!!!).

Lash glue
Lashes are a party essential for me and although it's never happened to me, I don't want to be THAT girl with her eyelashes hanging off looking like a dead spider. I like to carry around a mini tube of lash glue just in case-I use the ones that come with the lashes for this as I prefer a full size tube of Ardell's Lash Grip for application. This glue has never failed me but you just never know.

Blotting sheets
As an oily skinned girl these are a necessity in my handbag at all times. I'm currently using the Kleenex ones, which I believe are discontinued but I stocked up when my local Home Bargains were selling the for 29p a pack-ridiculous! I use them every day I wear make up, which is most of the time, so I thought it was a good idea to get a few while they were so cheap. Any brand will do, though, as long as they are powder free-I'm not a fan of the ones that have powder on them as I don't feel like they take the oil off your face as well.

I like the collection mineral powder as it comes in a pre-filled brush with the powder in the end so it's super easy to use. It also has some coverage to it so it's great if your foundation starts to slip while you're doing your thing on the dance floor!

Self explanatory really! If you go for a bold lip it is particularly important as it doesn't always wear off easily and you don't want to be left with a coloured ring around the outer edge of your lips where the inner part has worn off...not a good look!

Eye liner pencil
This perhaps isn't something that everyone needs but my eyes are a little on the sensitive side (I get it from my mum I think) and every now and then they decide to run for no reason. If I'm wearing a smoky eye, which I quite often am on nights out, and it starts to wash off, a smudged out dark eye liner is enough to be able to patch it up.

Mini deodorant
No-one wants to worry about being sweaty on a night out and sometimes, if I'm out for a few hours, I like to freshen up. Dancefloors filled with people + physical activity = sweating so it's best to be on the safe side!

Perfume atomizer
Sometimes scents just don't last through an entire long evening out and I don't want to add a massive perfume bottle to my overflowing handbag so I normally throw in an atomiser with a little of whichever perfume I'm wearing.

Anti-blister stick
Whoever invented these things is a genius! I don't know whether I just have awkward feet or what but new shoes ALWAYS rub me without fail. I'm a half size and often have to choose to go up or down a size, which I don't think helps. I always try to wear new shoes around the house before I wear them out, but if it hasn't been possible, I pop a bit of this on my feet where I think shoes are likely to rub and bring it with me in case I need it again. I definitely think it helps. I have Boots own version but Compeed also make one.

Folding flats
Again, nothing worse than painful feet! These are everywhere now but they're such a good invention. They fit inside a larger clutch and are a life saver for the end of the night. There have been times when I haven't needed them but one of my friends' heels are crippling her and so they get used by someone else....I'm a useful friend to have!

Yes I am the girl with a LARGE clutch haha...I just cannot do the whole 'card and keys and I'm good' thing. Everything comes in useful though!

Em x