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Friday, 12 December 2014

Lipstick Queen

I recently picked up this Lipstick Queen lipstick trio from one of my favourite places to shop, TK Maxx (TJ Maxx for any US readers, I believe) for the bargainous price of £14.99 instead of the £40 retail price. I couldn't normally justify the price of the brand's lipsticks because I have a lot of lippies, but for £14.99 for 3....a fiver a lipstick...less than 'drugstore bet! I've just looked on the Space NK website and the individual lipsticks are £20-£22 so I paid less for 3 than 1 costs, madness!

The trio came with 3 full size, wearable shades (top to bottom): Medieval, Saint, Butterfly Ball. The top and bottom lipsticks might not appear that way, but actually, they're very sheer and natural looking and SUPER moisturising, probably because of the high proportion of oils in the ingredients lists (I believe the brand do some a range with more pigment but these particular ones are sheer). Medieval and Saint are more of a cream formula while Butterfly Ball has a bit of shimmer to it but it's not frosty, which I personally can't stand in a lipstick-80s chic anyone?

They look more different to each other once on the lips than they do here (aaaghhh Winter lighting!) but this photo shows how sheer/ natural looking they are. Sometimes I like a pigmented lipstick but for every day, work etc, I prefer something more sheer because they're easier to wear and lower maintenance-I don't want to be worrying about whether a lipstick looks awful when it wears off or gets on my teeth. I particularly love Medieval (on the left in the picture above) because it gives that sort of natural cherry stained look to the lips that suits pretty much a anyone.

Overall I really like these and (I know I keep mentioning Christmas, but...) the little set would make a lovely gift if you can find it in your local TK Maxx, Failing that, you can find Lipstick Queen at Space NK stores and online.

What do you think? Have you tried the Lipstick Queen lipsticks?

Em x