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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Cupcake Decoration: Christmas Puddings

I came up with this easy cupcake design last year and I'm planning on using it again so I thought I would share it. It's so simple but very effective and went down very well at the charity Christmas Fayre I first baked them for, as well as with my family and friends.

First, I baked some chocolate cupcakes. This makes a darker cake that is more realistic looking-it just wouldn't look the same with plain ones. I like to use this recipe from for the basic cake  as it makes a nice moist chocolate cake I find, but you can use any chocolate cupcake recipe you like.

Next, I rolled out some white fondant icing and literally cut out 'wiggly circle' shapes using a sharp knife to resemble brandy sauce on the Christmas pud. I'm pretty sure I stuck this on using some chocolate frosting, but if you do that, be careful that you don't get any of it on top of the icing when sticking it on-it can be messy! If you wanted to, you could cover the entire top of cake in chocolate frosting then just stick this in the middle. You could always use a vanilla one just underneath the fondant if you don't have the time to be super neat about it.

I then used a holly cutter from ebay (if you're looking for cutters, ebay is amazing for cheap ones) to cut out some leaves from green fondant and created some 'berries' by making small balls of red fondant. I stuck these on just by using a tiny bit of water on a pastry brush. I recently picked up these 'Holly Sprinkles' from my local Asda, which would be even easier-I'm planning on trying it this time around.

What do you think? Have you got any good cupcake decorating ideas for Christmas? I'd love to see them!

Em x