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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Beauty Empties #3

I seem to have used up a lot of things lately so I thought I'd tell you what I've finished, give mini reviews and tell you whether I'd buy them again.

1. Radox Sleep Easy bubble bath. This is something that's cheap and cheerful, smells nice and does the job. I like the relaxing range of scents they do. I'll definitely buy this again some point as both me and my husband use it.

2. Got2b guardian angel. This is my favourite heat protectant, which I use every time I blowdry or heat style my hair. It claims to protect your hair from up to 220 degrees and I'm inclined to believe that it works, or as least contributes to the good condition of my hair, which my hairdresser is always commenting on. I like the spray on this one because it's nice and fine and I'm already on my next bottle.

3. Urban Decay All Nighter spray. I really do feel like this keeps my make up on for longer-it's sort of like hair spray for your face really! haha. It also takes the edge off the powdery look if I've been a bit heavy handed with the powder. I'm currently using a new bottle.

4. Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 make up remover. I've mentioned this before so I won't go into detail but basically I use it for eye make up removal and it's very good so is something I repurchase  a lot. I mentioned it in my evening skincare routine post here.

5. Max Factor primer 6. Revlon Colorstay foundation and 7. Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Again, I've mentioned all of these previously but they all do a good job of giving me quite high coverage and staying on my oily skin all day so they are all repurchased time and time again.

8. L'oreal Volume Million lashes. This mascara is pretty good. It gives length and volume and it was my favourite 'drugstore' mascara for a while, but Seventeen's Falisifeye HD has since overtaken it so I imagine I'd only buy this again if I couldn't get hold of the Seventeen one. You can see my post on my new favourite here.

9. Neutrogena Visibly Clear spot treatment. This is something I always have a tube of in case of pesky spots popping up (normally on my chin and/or forehead at that time of the month!) so I already have another. It really reduces the size of spots overnight if I apply it before bed. I mentioned it in my recent skincare posts.

10. Neutrogena pink grapefruit cream wash. This is a nice face wash that's cheap, contains salicylic acid which is good for my oily, spot prone skin type and doesn't dry my skin out too much. It something that is definitely part of my skincare routine, as mentioned in my post here.

11. The la roche posay effaclar mat moisturiser is something I use every morning as it moisturises without being too heavy or greasy on oily skin underneath make up. You can read more about it in my morning skincare post here.

12. Garnier Pure Active spot fighting moisturiser is something I only use when I have larger areas of spots so this tube has lasted me a very long time. Again it's something that contains alicylic acid and that I like to use overnight in case of skin troubles. You can see it in my 'skincare treatments' post here.

13. and 14. Simple eye creams-eye balm and regeneration. These are also part of my regular skincare routine. I use the balm in the morning and the regeneration one at night. I really like them and have bought them again, but you can read more about them here and here.

15, 16 and 17: 3 x Nivea Invisibible for black and white deodorants. This makes it look like I'm super sweaty, but I'm not, I promise! haha! the little spray is one I've been carrying in my handbag for a few months for times when I want to freshen up during the day. The two roll ons I did finish at home but the first of the two has been sitting there empty for ages. I like these because they really do what they say with regards to not marking black or white clothing. I used to get fed up of yellowish marks on my white tops before these anti-marking deodorants were brought out.

18. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection 2 eau de toilette. The number 3 in this range was in my last empties post I believe and now I've finished this one too. I actually picked both of them up in the Boots sale after last Christmas so they were bargainous! It's a nice fruity scent and I would consider buying it again in the future but at the moment I'm not really in need of any more perfumes.

19. TIGI Catwalk Headshot conditioner. This is my favourite conditioner. This is in the old style packaging and is the large salon size bottle. I picked it up in TK Maxx along with a couple more bottle because they were around £10, which is less than the cost of a small 250ml tube. I knew I loved it already so I stocked up and I've started using the next bottle.

20. Herbal Essesnces Fresh Balance shampoo. I don't feel like there's a lot you can say about a shampoo except the fact that it cleans my oily hair thoroughly. I normally alternate between this and the Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo.

21. The Body Shop Sweet Lemon body lotion. Unfortunately, the Body Shop don't sell this scent any more. It used to be my favourite Body Shop scent so I stocked up when I realised it was being discontinued. I'm still working my way through a few of the products but that's it for the body lotion. However, I do recommend their body lotions in the pump bottle in general.

22. St Ives Body Scrub. This is good in the sense that it's quite a scrubby scrub, however personally I wasn't keen on the smell so I can't see myself buying it again. It smells quite similar to their face scrubs, which I don't mind on my face but for some reason I wasn't too keen on my body...maybe because there's more of it so it's stronger? I sort of used it up begrudgingly because I'd paid for it.

23. Dove Go Fresh Verbena and pomegranate body wash. I like Dove for cheap shower gels because they're nice and moisturising and smell lovely-this is my favourite scent from them, in fact. There's not a lot more I can say about a body wash!

Phew! I have definitely used up a LOT recently-I didn't really realise quite how much until I wrote it down! Which products have you finished? What would you recommend I try or stay away from?

Em x