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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Things I've Done: War of the Worlds Live

The chances of anything coming from Mars.....are a million to one, he said......but still, they come!!!

On Friday night, I headed to the Echo Arena in Liverpool with my family and my husband to see War of the Worlds, which my dad very kindly bought everyone tickets for. I had heard some of the music previously and seen the film but didn't have much of idea what to expect from a live show. Turns out, it was pretty amazing! If you don't know what it's about, it's basically a story of aliens from Mars invading earth. Jeff Wayne's music is an adaptation of a Novel, also named 'War of the Worlds' and written by H.G. Wells. You can read more about the story and the show on the War of the Worlds website here.

The musicians were all on stage and they were super talented. Being a musician myself, I really appreciate when people get the music spot on, I honestly couldn't fault their playing. Behind the musicians, up in the air, was a large screen, which the story was told on. There were 'on screen' actors and also 'on stage' singers/ actors-the main characters came onto the stage in front of the musicians. There were a few famous faces on stage too, including Brian McFadden, Shayne Ward, Jason Donovan and of course Jeff Wayne, the writer of the whole thing, who was conducting all of the musicians. I was very impressed with the singing and acting, in fact I thought more of Shayne and Brian's performances in this than I ever have when I've seen them singing on TV.

Brian McFadden
The special effects were brilliant too. A large 'martian' descended from the ceiling and stood on the stage, firing it's 'heat rays' and throwing flames. We were sitting near to the front at ground level so could really feel the heat! If we'd have been much closer I would have feared for my eyebrows! haha. The lighting effects that went with the more dramatic parts of the story were very well done. During the song 'Forever Autumn', paper leaves began to fall from the ceiling over the stage and over the audience too, it was so pretty-quite a contrast to the horror of the martians! Then there's the hologram of Liam Neeson, the original narrotor, because he couldn't be there. The hologram turned around and faced different directions so it looked strangely as though he was actually talking to the people on stage.

Shayne Ward
Jason Donovan
Overall, I had a great night seeing War of the Worlds and although our seats near the front were expensive (£71.50 plus booking fee I believe), I can see where the money went in that you don't get amazing special effects and famous faces cheaply. Personally, I think it was worth it. This is supposedly the last live our of the show, but they are currently touring all around the UK so if you can get any last tickets I would definitely recommend it. Whether it actually is the last one, though, remains to be seen. As it's over 30 years since Jeff Wayne's musical adaptation was released in the early 1980s, it wouldn't surprise me if they did a 40th or 50th anniversary show since it seems to be so popular. I know that the show in Liverpool sold old pretty quickly and our tickets were actually booked around a year ago so we had a long wait!

Have you seen War of the Worlds live or would you like to? 

Em x