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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Baking Ideas: Melting Snowman Shortbread

This is another bake I did last year for a charity Christmas Fayre and they went down really well so I'm planning on doing them again this time around.

I began by making a basic shortbread recipe. I like this one from BBC Good Food. It's super simple to make. I then rolled it out to about 1cm thick and cut 'wiggly' shapes out using a sharp knife-you want it to look a bit like a puddle! I then baked them as in the recipe.

Now comes the fun part, the decoration! I made a very basic icing using icing sugar and water (I just eyeballed the quantity until I was happy with the texture) to cover the top of the biscuits in. You could also use white fondant if you'd prefer but you would need a bit of this anyway for sticking it down.

Next, I stuck a large marshmallow onto the wet icing at one end and left it to dry. Once dry, I used some ready made piping icing with a flat nossle to create the scarf. You could make your own if you wanted to but the ready made kind is fine. I used the little tubes of writing icing to create the arms and faces-make sure they're sad because no-one wants to be melting away now do they?!

These are really quite easy and to be honest, since they are melting snowmen, I don't think it even matters if the decoration isn't perfectly neat-it all adds to the melting effect!

What do you think? Em x