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Monday, 27 October 2014

Too Faced bargains at TK Maxx!

I wanted to get this post up quickly today in case anyone reading it wants to make a quick dash to their local TK Maxx branch. Today I picked up 2 Too Faced sets  called 'Joy to the Girls' and 'All I want for Christmas', I believe both from the Christmas 2013 collection. Both have a sticker saying the RRP was £32 although from my research online it looks like 'Joy to the Girls' was £38 and 'All I want for Christmas' was £35.

Now for the best part...the price I paid for these sets....£12.99 EACH! AMAZING!

Especially when you think about the fact that a full sized La Creme lipstick like the one in the 'All I want for Christmas' set would cost £18! That means that even if you just wanted the lipstick, it would still be cheaper, and really you could consider the rest of the set as a freebie! I've actually wanted to try out those lipsticks for a while but couldn't justify the price on another lip product, so this worked out perfectly! The shadow insurance also seems to be full size and retails for another £17! Plus there's a palette with 2 eye shadows and a blush, a mini lash injection mascara and a mini black eye liner.

The 'Joy to the Girls' set is also amazing value for £12.99, including a palette with 15 eye shadows and a full size Lashgasm mascara (which retails for £18 on it's own so again it's almost like all the eye shadows are free!). A lot of the shadows are neutrals with a little bit of colour thrown in. I have only swatched them so far but they seem like they are pigmented and lovely quality, as I have come to expect from Too Faced.

It would definitely be worth checking out your local TK Maxx to see if they have these in stock if you didn't pick them up last Christmas. To be honest, they work out cheaper than buying your standard 'drugstore' brands so you really can't go wrong!

Em x

UPDATE: The joy to the girls palette has now appeared on the TK Maxx website here for £12.99 :-) x