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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Beauty Empties and Fails #2

It's been about a month and a half since I last did an empties post and I seem to have used up quite a lot so here we go! I will give a mini review of each and let you know if I would repurchase...

1. Batiste dry shampoo, tropical scent. This is my favourite dry shampoo and something I buy over and over again. I have oily hair that would need washing pretty much every day of it wasn't for this, and we all know that that's not good for your hair so this is a lifesaver.

2. Asda's own dry shampoo. I bought this when I was running out of my Batiste and couldn't find it in my local Asda so I bought this just to tide me over til I got to another shop. If I recall correctly it cost £1 so I was prepared to take the risk. However, it turned out to be awful. It just doesn't do anything and my hair looked as oily as it was before I used it. I definitely won't buying this again! I used it once and it's going in the bin.

3. Garnier Micellar water. I love this stuff for removing my face make up. I use a seperate eye make up remover usually but this will do that job too in a pinch, you just have to hold a cotton pad soaked in it on your eye for a bit longer. You get  a massive 400ml bottle for £4.99, or I usually stock up when I find it on offer because it's something I use all the time.

4. L'oreal Micellar water. This is pretty much the same as the Garnier one, although I do find the Garnier slightly better for eye make up if you want to use it for that. It's around the same price too, but you only get 200ml so half the product. The way it comes out of the bottle is also a little annoying-the Garnier seemes to drip out in a controlled way while this just seems to go everywhere. I only buy this one if I can't get hold of the Garnier one-the Garnier seems popular because it's sometimes out of stock.

5. Herbal Essences Fresh Balance shampoo. I like this shampoo for my oily hair, it makes it feel really clean without drying it out and I am working my way through another bottle at the moment.

6. Moroccanoil. This stuff is great but very expensive (we're talking around £30 for the full size bottle). I like what it does for my hair and my hairdresser has actually commented on how my hair is in very good condition. However, I don't feel like there's really any difference in results between this and Macadamia oil, which I like just as much and is much cheaper. For the moment, I think I'll stick to the Macadamia oil.

7. Simple eye make up remover (mini size). I used this for travel purposes and it's pretty good. It takes my day to day eye makeup off without much of an issue but if you wear waterproof mascara/ heavier eye make up I'd go for something oil based instead.

8. Vichy Capital Soleil mattifying face fluid. This is a lovely sun cream for oily skin as it doesn't give you that shiny face that a lot of sun creams can. This isn't quite finished but I've had it open for more than the 12 month shelf life so the little bit that's left is going in the bin-I don't think it's worth the risk with sun protection as the SPF can deteriorate. I'd definitely buy this one again.

9. Murad Blemish Spot Treatment. This did absolutely nothing. I normally like Murad products but this was a complete fail for my skin. There are 'drugstore' priced spot treatments that work much better than this one for me personally so I'm afraid it's going in the bin nearly full and I definitely wouldn't buy it again!

10. Clean and Clear Advantage fast clearing spot treatment. This was just 'ok'. It did reduce spots but my favourite Neutrogena visibly clear spot treatment does a much better job. I wouldn't buy it again.

11. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in shade Peach Glow x 2. I often have more than one of these on the go at once as it gets carried around in handbags sometimes, etc. Hene why I finished 2 in the same month. It's one of my absolute essentials for oily skin.

12. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick in shade 'bashful'. I have mentioned this on my blog several times as it is such a favourite. It is a balmy feeling gloss in pencil form. This shade is a nice sheer but buildable baby pink that is great for everyday use. I already have another on the go.

13.Benefit They're Real mascara (mini size). I LOVE this mascara. I have had people ask me am I wearing fake eyelashes with it on or just complementing me on my long eyelashes. I promise you, they're not, it's all down to this. It's expensive but I tend to buy it when I can use a discount code online, I am using a full size version at the moment.

14. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection no 4. This is a nice fruity perfume, as is the pink one (no. 2 I believe) that I'm also near the end of. I bought this in the Boots sale after Christmas and got it for around £15 for the 30ml gift set-bargain! I would use it again but I have plenty of other perfumes at the moment so aren't looking to buy any more yet.

15. Nivea invisible deodorant. This really does not lave marks on your clothes. I always buy the ones aimed at that now (either this or the Sure one) because I got really fed up of my deodorant marking my clothes. Does what it says on the tin and I will buy again!

16. Urban Decay De-Slick makeup setting spray. I bought the small size of this to see how it compared to my favourite UD All Nighter spray since I have oily skin and the de-slick is aimed at us oily skinned people. I used it up, however I find that the all nighter is much better at helping my makeup to last and look less oily. De-Slick was actually a bit drying which I think results in my skin producing more oil. I will stick to the All Nighter in future.

17. Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion  6ml size. This is another essential product for me and I am in the process of using another. For some reason, the smaller size ones work out cheaper ml for ml on the Debenhams website than the larger size. I bought 2 of the smaller size (slightly more product) for the same price as 1 larger. I have now opened the 2nd one and will continue to use it, although I now have the Too Faced shadow insurance to try so we shall see how that compares!

Which beauty products have you finished recently?

Em x