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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

the palette
outer packaging
'get the look' card

As fans of Pulp Fiction might be aware, it's 20 years since the film's release. Urban Decay have come up with a collection inspired by the film, one of the items being this palette. The range is based on the character Mrs Mia Wallace (played by Uma Therman) and the make up she wears in the film.

The packaging of the palette really does link to the film, which I haven't actually seen (being 27, I was only 7 when it was released) but that aside, I felt like the palette would be really useful for everyday. The one thing I slightly dislike is that t is a bit more bulky than I would have liked, with a lot of space between the shadows. It comes with a small double ended brush that is actually decent quality for a brush inside a palette. Although I wouldn't generally choose to use it, I could make it work in a pinch. It has a nicely sized mirror that you could use to do your whole make up as it's big enough to see your whole face. It comes with a card with instructions for Mrs Mia Wallace's look which is a nice touch, but obviously you can choose to follow this or not.

 It contains 4 shadows (1 of these is split into two shades so you actually get 5 shades). There is righteous (a matte cream), tyranny (a matte, medium, warm brown), vengeance (a dark, satin finish brown), furious (a slightly shimmery cream/ white) and anger (matte black). Something I usually look for in everyday palettes is a matte highlight shade for my browbone (tick), a shimmer highlight shade for the inner corners of my eyes (tick), a warm, matte, medium brown for the crease (tick), a dark brown for the outer v (tick) and a black to darken things up if I feel like it (tick). Like I said, useful for everyday! It goes without saying that they are great quality and very pigmented-honestly I have never tried an Urban Decay eye shadow that wasn't. They're one of my favourite brands for eye shadows because they're consistently good. I know a lot of people rave about MAC eye shadows but I own a few, some a good and some are bad, whereas Urban Decay always seem to be good in my experience.

Then there's the price...£17.50 in the UK...bargain I thought for Urban Decay! It reminds me of a variation of the Naked Basics palette, but with more variation in the shades-I didn't buy Naked Basics for this reason, I felt like there were too many shades that were so similar. The Naked Basics palettes are £22 in the UK. You do get a bit more product in them as there are 6 shades, but the price difference makes up for it and for me personally, I'll get a lot more use out of the Pulp Fiction palette.

Have you tried any of the pulp fiction collection? What do you think?

Em x